Your body weight is the difference between the calories you take through food and the calories your body needs to run all the processes around. Thus, the main cause of overweight is when youtake a larger amount of calories comparing to what your body needs. If you cannot maintain this balance you will develop body fat. When a person realizes the burden of deposited fat, it’s too late. Well, it’s better late than never. The biological science has developed a new chemical composition that can cut down your excess fat and give you the bulk of muscles. The name is Clenbuterol or simply Clen. It is used by bodybuilders and people who want to reduce their body weight, burn the unwanted fat, and build a beautiful and nice shaped torso. The medicine is taken in the morning generally. It is advised to not take the medicine after evening as it may cause insomnia. The body needs to move and work a lot after you intake a single dose.

The perfect guideline to cycle and dosage

Clen cycles are mainly of two types. The first is the two days on and two days off, the second is the three weeks on and three weeks off. The basic motto of the consumption includes an increase and then decrease with 20 milligrams every week. Due to legal restrictions and to have a healthy benefit the cycle should start from 40 milligrams for women and 60 milligrams for men. The weekly increase in dosage is valid for both the genders and similarly, decreases according to the process. Along with this, a person can have 3 to 4 apples daily or an orange juice. It is recommended that you take seven to nine glasses of water so that the body does not get dehydrated. If you maintain a strict diet with regular exercise along with the appropriate dosage of Clen you will soon meet with the enormous and fit body. When you maintain the proper dosage and cycle the metabolism will automatically speed up so that you can work more and get more muscles.

The exosphere of Clen doses

What happens if you go beyond the limit of the general prescription? People often try out this medicine in a play mode and end up in building side effects like expanding their heart muscles. A larger amount of this medicine forces the heart to pump less blood into the system. This causes arrhythmias or a chance of stroke. In severe cases, it has been seen that the illegal dosage changes the structural dimension of the heart. In the long run, you can experience weakness in the bone. The bone marrow converts to muscle mass and later becomes fragile. Due to legal restriction, it is better that you know the legality of usage in your country. The other ill-effects include the reduction in potassium concentration and reduction of phosphate level in the blood. People can develop vertigo which a user experience perceived motion inappropriately. Clen is known to treat asthma but larger intake can develop breathing difficulties.

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