All people on the road must consider due care to avoid any road traffic accident with other drivers or to the property damage of any person. The responsibility of reasonable care that is laid on a cycle rider has no difference to that laid by a motor car driver, excepting that as more damages can be caused to happen by a vehicle driver than would a motorcycle or bicycle rider; here is a more degree of reasonable care required for vehicle driver.

Road Traffic Accident With Bicycle and The Duty Of Responsibility

The issue of whether there is a violation of responsibility of due care is evaluated by the criteria of a “showing care reasonable care” by driver or motorcycle or cycle rider, in the any case may be. On the other hand, it must also be considered that a cycle rider, at the same time as with others on the road, has a responsibility of due care to himself. Therefore in case, a cycle rider causes road traffic accident that is completely happened as a result of his own neglectful activities, the cycle rider will have not any reason to file a claim.

Let’s think about the supposed case of a road traffic accident with cycle rider happened when a cycle rider hits his bike with a vehicle that is parked already on the side of the road, all of a sudden its door opens. The cycle rider hits his bike with a car in the center of road. The cycle rider suffers critical injuries.

Let’s also suppose that in a while prior to the accident, the cycle rider found that the car’s door was half closed to some extent. Or possibly in place of a parked vehicle the cycle rider hits with a taxi that he just pushed to the road side.

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The well-known risks to a reasonable care by cycle rider is that to go to further into such a busy road and puts himself at a high risk of being collide by another car because the road under consideration is very full of vehicles. On the other hand, if he does not move away from his path and does not go to least left side on the road, it’s likely that except he moves himself to least left on the road, he might get hit by a car opened door.

The cycle rider has a responsibility of due care for his own protection and to respond in an appropriate manner. The person in the parked car has also a responsibility to take care that it is safer to open the door because it is sensibly possible that not taking due care in this way may induce a personal injury or any property damage.

In any circumstances, it matters if the driver of the car is liable for the accident is indisputable. On the other hand, what is frequently a more difficult legal problem is whether the cycle rider was responsible to a certain extent in any way for his accident? It is frequently a question that is important in a lot of road traffic accidents i.e. whether there existed negligence by the plaintiff party to some extent.

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