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A conservatorship and power of attorney for financial dealings are both designed to authorize a person to get control over financial matters of another person.

In order to compare both these terminologies, you need to have an understanding on “why” and “how” of each process. First, a power of attorney has deliberate and voluntary actions. More technically, a power of attorney is a legal document which allows and authorizes someone else legally to act on behalf of the person creating a power of attorney. This someone is legally called “attorney-in-fact” and “agent.” In an affair the individual who created a power of attorney (known as the “principal”) is unable to act, his appointed agents can intervene and enter into transactions on behalf of the principal. A power of attorney offers enormous benefits. For instance, it can authorize someone to take care of the finances of a person or take medical decisions on his or her behalf if the principal is admitted to the hospital. As mentioned these points, it is vital for you to understand the designated agent who can act according to a limited scope of a power of attorney.


Conversely, a conservatorship is a legal connection established through a court order. In simple words, to take a conservatorship over a person (the conservatee), you will be required to file a formal proceeding of court. In contrast to the convenience of creating a power of attorney, you may find various steps involved in the conservatorship of California. In this scenario, it will be determined by the court if the person is incapacitated and needs care. Precisely, a conservator is generally appointed to take care of the well-being of the conservatee. Oppositely, the authority can be assigned to a conservator to make financial decisions and living arrangements for the benefit of the conservatee.

For example, if a conservatorship of the estate is ordered by the court, the assigned conservator can manage the investments, real estate portfolios and finances of the conservatee. Conversely, an authorized conservatorship of the individual allows the conservator to make medical decisions on the conservatee’s behalf. The conservator is needed to file yearly reports with the court regarding status and finances of the conservatee.

Difference between Power of Attorney and Conservatorship

The main difference between a conservatorship and a power of attorney is, undoubtedly, the occurrences of when each is established.

In order to conduct significant difference between conservatorship and power of attorney, a person needs to create a power of attorney an individual they are incapacitated. On the other hand, the formation of conservatorship occurs when a person no longer has the competency to make his critical financial decisions himself. In other words, signing a power of attorney, an individual needs to have a mindful capacity to sign a legal document with full intention and understanding. In the case, they don’t have this capacity; you will be required to file a conservatorship to deal with their financial and personal affairs.

Secondly, preparing a conservatorship demands a public proceeding, whereas, a power of attorney doesn’t require it. As highlighted above, the conservatorship will be expecting a continues supervisory of the court while a power of attorney doesn’t need it. A power of attorney is a known to be a voluntary act by the individual signing the document. Furthermore, a power of attorney is cheaper than conservatorship. The principal has the convenience to choose the agent in power of attorney while the conservator is selected and approved by the court.

As you can understand, the core difference between conservatorship and power of attorney is that a conservatorship develops in a more public setting and subject to outside control by the court. However, other parties may be allowed for more standing to challenge a power of attorney because it is more than a private affair than a conservatorship since the court strictly monitors and scrutinizes a conservatorship. If you have legal matters to discuss, please take legal advice in Torrance CA from a professional legal advisory firm. The expert legal advisors have the ability to provide consultancy on highly critical financial and legal issues. Since an ordinary person doesn’t have the knowledge about the legal proceedings, so it is always recommended to take expert advice.

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