how excercies helps to manage stress

To keep control over your body and emotions, you must learn how to manage properly your stress. Some of us reduce stress by talking to our loved ones, others simply watch television, but the best way to reduce stress level is by having an exercise routine. As noted in some recent lifestyle news, more than 15% of people reduce their stress level by having a healthy exercise routine.

It is commonly known that exercise increases your physical condition, but it also affects your immune system making it less likely to get sick. Also, your body is not the only thing affected by it, since your mind will feel better, too. How does actually physical exercise manage your stress levels and how does it affect your body will be properly explained in the next few paragraphs.

Increases the Product of Endorphins

What are Endorphins? Endorphins are our brains neurotransmitters which affect our body by making us feel good and better. During our exercise routine, our brain slowly increases the production of endorphins, which in return makes us feel better and more relaxed. A common type of exercise which mostly increases the production is running, but riding your bike or taking a longer walk can also affect the production of endorphins.

When we are feeling symptoms of some minor disease, our stress level slightly increases. If any of those symptoms are in a form of muscle tension, like back, shoulder or neck pain it is highly recommended to exercises. The reason behind it is, again endorphins which not only make us feel better but also helps release the tension in our muscles because of the close connection of our body and our mind. Remember that when you’re feeling stressed out, a nice relaxing run can help you in managing that stress and globally make you feel better and more cheerful.

Physical Exercise Helps with Stress Caused by Trauma, Anxiety and Depression

After a certain trauma, our nervous system reacts and simply put, get stuck. To make our body fight against it, we must concentrate on how our body and muscles feel during physical exercise. Most common type of exercise which helps fight against the trauma is weight training, since during it almost all of the muscles are being active which makes it easier to concentrate on how your body feels. It is important never to forget to connect with your body and muscles during this kind of exercise to improve the results.

When you’re running or simply exercising outside you may actually relieve yourself of stress caused by anxiety. Anxiety will have you constantly think negatively and be full of worries. That’s why it’s important that during exercise you have to relax and even connect to your surroundings. During exercise try to think about the wind cooling down your muscles, or even concentrating on the tempo of your breathing. The trick is to zone completely out, and only think about your body and mind; it will make you feel more pleasant and keep the problems from your mind, decreasing your stress levels.

Recent lifestyle news also shows that exercise can help you manage stress caused by slight depression. There are two reasons behind this, and the first one is again endorphins. Since endorphins increase the feel good factor of our brain, it will boost our spirit and affect the state of our mind. The second reason is that it can serve as a distraction. During exercise, our mind will be calmer and keep the negative feelings at bay. When those negative feelings are blocked, the cause of the depression may slowly fade away in time.

More Reasons why its Physical Exercise is Important During Increased Levels of Stress

In a healthy body, there is always a healthy spirit. Exercise during your free time, every day for about an hour, unless you are ill. Keep your body in good and healthy shape and your mind will follow the example. Remember to turn on music, and do a relaxing run, it will help you escape your stress and keep you distracted. Also like said before, endorphins will start to produce more often during regular exercise which will make your feel better and making it easier for you to concentrate on other more important manners.


Follow lifestyle news, keep your body safe, your mind distracted, and you will surely be able to decrease your stress levels.

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