It can be challenging to decide whether or not you need to hire a web designer to create a site for you. Many people think it’s a big waste of money to have a firm develop a custom web design for their business due to the fact that there are lots of free websites templates and DIY sites out there to walk you through the process. But you should know that it’s a smart move to hire a web design firm because doing so will help ensure that your business grows and succeeds. Here are 5 reasons why it’s best to go with a custom web design rather than use a website template.

5 Reasons Why Custom Web Design Is Better Than Website Templates

Your Business Will Be Looked At as Credible

If you use a template, your business will look unprofessional and ‘cheap’. Why? Because the chances are great that other companies are using the same template you chose. You don’t want people to think you’re a hobbyist and not a serious business person do you? Then you should definitely go with a custom website design.

A Custom Design will Show The World What Your Business is All About 

When you have a custom website design developed specifically for you, it will help you brand your business and define what you’re all about. Plus, it’s important to speak in one visually unified voice and that can only be done if your website design matches your business cards and your other advertising and marketing materials.

Helps Ensure Your Site Will Rank Higher 

When you go with a custom web design, your site will be better optimized for the search engines. A website template is so very basic that it simply cannot ensure quality pertaining to things like valid and proper HTML and CSS code usage. Plus, a template will fall short in other areas that will affect your SEO efforts and search rankings including things like user-friendliness, page load speeds, and checkout processes.

Ensures Cross-Browser Compatibility

These days, web searchers are using a variety of browsers to surf the web. When you use a custom website design made just for your business, the design team you hire will make sure your site works properly no matter what browsers your visitors are using. This is very important because if someone lands on your site and has trouble seeing your site or getting it to work properly, they’re going to leave your site in a hot second.

Makes Sure Your Site is Optimized for Your Target Market

In order to convert a site visitor into a paying customer, your website must be optimized for your audience. A website template simply cannot take into consideration who will be using your site or how long they’ll be on it. But using a custom website design will help ensure that your visitors quickly find the information they need thanks to the correct layout, navigation, text size and other important factors.