One should make sure about what games are consistent with his specific headset before start looking many types of Nokia phone games. Maximum Nokia headsets are designed with the java functions but there are some games which work with some specific operating systems. Some Nokia headset games are given below:


Driving Mania 1.0:

Driving mania is a racing game is made of hitting the streets. It charges anyone with the work of rowing through a complex track, collecting goodies without hitting the other cars and also other blocks. One has to finish every stage within a specific amount of time, picking up health packs.

Hunting Mania 2009:

When one may certainly get a weekend to drive out in the forest, fix up his blinds and wear many disguise clothes, this is probably more beneficial to get in some hunting by the games of Nokia mobiles. It also helps him to save himself from the ferocious animals of the forest. Hunting Mania 2009 is consistent with the Nokia Smartphone of S60 v.3 and the S60 v.3. These hunting games keep several big games in anyone’s visions including deer and bears.


This game is classic one and its graphics are very simple as it is gotten for present phone games. It helps anyone to keep his brain active and also helps to give more efforts in the real competitions of life. The portraiture of it may not be specifically showy but the controls are very easy to understand and the computer may be existed fully the challenge. One should choose between the computer controlled opposition or he can pass his mobile around to his real life friends for playing the chess game really. There is a multi-player option in this game for chatting with the opposition party of this game. For playing like this he must need of internet connection.

More other free games of Nokia:

Like the apps market place of Android phones and the app store of the iPhone, the Nokia mobile phones owner has access to the site Ovi store. This app store is an official store of Nokia phones which has various downloading contents. There are many sections on the web sites for the Nokia phones games. They are: Sudoku, Tic-Tac-Toe, checkers, spin the bottle, word search and many other highlight sections. Several of them offer that they will work with the phones which are based on touch screen such as the Nokia 5800 or Nokia N97.

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