The characteristic of brilliance for an expert affirmation project is the quality it presents on the person who realizes it. Since 1978, the Affirmed Information Systems Auditor (CISA) modify, supported by ISACA, has been the universally acknowledged standard of accomplishment around qualified information frameworks (Is) review, control and security experts.


Preparation for the exams:

CISA exam applicants ought to be acquainted with the terminology and ideas in ISACA Certification’s educated property and other solid sources for how best to arrange for the exam.


There will be total 200 questions in the test and based on multiple choice. You can get the certification by attempting them in a good way.

How can you get the certification?

There is a limit for passing score. If you get above to at the passing score you will awarded by your certification.

  • Scale to get the certification is 200-800

Experience for the certification:

Candidate must have an experience of:

  • A greatest of one year of qualified data frameworks Or one year of non-Is examining background could be substituted for one year of experience.
  • Sixty to 120 finished school semester credit hours what might as well be called a two-year or four-year degree), not constrained by the 10-year going before confinement, could be substituted for one or two years, separately, of experience. Regardless of the fact that different degrees have been earned, a most extreme of two years could be asserted.
  • An unhitched male’s or ace’s degree from a college that upholds the ISACA-supported Model Curriculum might be substituted for one year of experience.
  • An expert’s degree in informative data security or informative content innovation from an authorize school could be substituted for one year of experience.

Course outline for the exam

  • The Process of Auditing Information Systems (14%)
  • Governance and Management of It (14%)
  • Information Systems Acquisition, Development and Implementation (19%)
  • Information Systems Operations, Maintenance and Support (23%)
  • Protection of Information Assets (30%)

Exam preparation and training:

Passing the CISA exam could be attained through an arranged arrange of study. To help people with the infrastructure of an efficacious study plan, ISACA offers study helps and audit courses to exam petitioners. See website to view the ISACA study supports that can help you get ready for the exam. Request early since conveyance time could be from one to four weeks relying on geographic area and traditions freedom polishes.

Some details about certification

Passing the exam does not mean an appointee is a CISA. Once you pass the CISA exam, you have five years from the date of the exam to request affirmation. Auspicious competitors must complete the provision for confirmation and have their work encounter verified utilizing the fitting structures incorporated in the provision. Competitors are not confirmed and can’t utilize the CISA designation, until the finished requisition is appropriated and endorsed. If you don’t mind note that choices on requisitions are not last as there is a bid process for accreditation provision refusals. Analyses noticing refusals of affirmation might be sent to [email protected]. Once ensured, the new CISA will gain a declaration and CISM affirmation pin. Around then of provision, people must additionally affirm that ISACA stores the right, yet is not committed, to distribute or overall unveil their CISA status. A preparing expense of US $50 must go hand in hand with your CISA Application for Certification.

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