Are you a Lumia phone fun? There is great news for you as the T-Mobile USA bound version of the Lumia 520 comes into the market on the 24th of April. It is just a few days away and you must be very prepared for this wonderful device from T-Mobile.

This new Lumia 810 will be in the websites and online stores as well as in the retail shelves from the 24th of April according to the document of the T-Mobile USA that actually leaked the information to the public earlier. The new device is well equipped with unique features that will be very applicable to the users.


The specifications about the features have not yet been issued but it is for sure that this particular Smartphone will be more developed than the Lumia 810 that it is succeeding. It will almost be similar to the Lumia 520 but much upgraded and perfectly put together. It will be the T-Mobile USA version of the Lumia 520 so it means that it might have all the features of the Lumia 520 and some added features to add more glamour to the already known version of the device.

Lumia 521 replacing the Lumia 810

According to the source, the T-Mobile USA will discontinue the Nokia Lumia 810 so that they can fully replace it with the new Nokia Lumia 521. The Lumia 810 has already been taken off from the T-Mobile USA website prematurely to pave way for the taking over.
Personally, am also happy for the new development that the T-Mobile is making by replacing the Lumia 521 with Lumia 810. This is what is best for the current generation users who love quality and high-tech devices.

What about the pricing of the Lumia 521

At the moment, there is no specific information about the price of the Lumia 521. No word concerning the price has been issued yet but it is clear that this is one of the lowest priced Smartphones that are categorised under the price of $150 as market entry price in the online market and on the market shelves.

You should therefore not worry so much about the price of the phone as it is very affordable. It falls under the same category with the Lumia 520. Just wait for the official launch to get the phone at a reasonable price.

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