Rummy is one of the most popular card games in India. It is popular because the game is too simple to understand. There are some very easy rules that govern the game. Once you grasp these rules, winning the game is all a matter of method and luck. Read along to know how to play rummy first and then understand more about the joker.

How to Play Rummy?

  • The number of cards distributed in rummy card game vary based on the variation you are playing.
  • The goal of each player is to create melds and sequences with the cards that are distributed.
  • There should be one natural and one real sequence. The natural sequence should be made without using jokers but the real sequence may make use of joker.
  • There are two types of jokers in a game of rummy. One is the actual joker present in a deck of cards. The other is a joker that is pulled out from the remaining deck after the cards have been distributed.

It Is Not Just the Value That Counts

In a game of Indian Rummy, a joker may replace a card of any value to complete a set. It may even replace any card in a real sequence. The value of a joker card is really of no significance as long as the gap created in the sequence or meld is filled appropriately. This is one important life lesson all rummy players should keep in mind. Any person can be useful at the right time in life to fill a certain gap. The value of a person is most often decided by the situation he is in. You can never decide which card will be chosen to serve as the joker or the bonus point in your life.

No Card Is Irreplaceable

A joker can be used to replace any card. This ability to fill the gap gives the joker a certain status. Yet, as a joker, one still needs to hold a ground. One must remember that when a hand is too full of points, sometimes the player may even consider disposing off the joker to reduce the points in one’s hands. Be it a joker in an ultimate rummy game or a person in real life, no one is really irreplaceable.

Sometimes Even Jokers and Bonus Points Don’t Help

This is yet another life lesson which only rummy can teach you. Be it joker cards or bonus points, nothing can really help you if you do not wish to help yourself. There are games where people lose a full hand in rummy simply because they hold on to the jokers that they cannot put to use.

Any Card Can Play the Joker Someday

As we all know, in a game of rummy, any card maybe pulled out from the remaining deck to play the joker. This means that it does not matter what card you pull out; any card may play the joker at some point. This is a rule that applies well in life as well.

Knowing these rules can help you approach life wisely. Joker is just a card till it plays a certain role in the game. Know everything has its place in life as well.

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