When looking for a collar that best suits your dog, there are a lot of options that can overwhelm even the most avid of pet owners. Aside from the various types and designs of collars, there’s also the material that they’re made of that you need to consider. However, if you’re looking for a dog collar that’s considerate to your pet’s health and comfort, then you can’t go wrong with buying a hemp collar.

This organic collar is made from the natural fibers of the hemp plant and has been grown and used for thousands of years. The material itself is quite flexible and has seen various applications in many everyday materials like ropes, food, fuel, and even clothes. It’s no wonder that even dogs can benefit from this amazing plant.

If all of this isn’t enough to convince you, here are 5 other reasons why a hemp collar is the best choice for your dog.

Hemp Fibers Are Strong and Durable

The fibers themselves are naturally durable to wear and tear, so they won’t get worn down too quickly and can last several years before replacing it. This is very useful if your dog has a tendency to chew on its collar or gets very excitable during walks. Its fibers are 10 times stronger than that of cotton so you can be assured that this type of collar will last a long time.

Odor and Mildew Resistant

Compared to synthetic collars, its natural organic fibers make it quite resistant to molds and mildew. Fungal growth can accumulate on your pet’s belongings, especially if it’s kept damp (like with your dog’s saliva for instance). Bacterial growth can also be a problem since it can infect your dog and cause it to get sick. In addition, hemp can help diffuse any odors that are left on the collar itself.

It’s Hypoallergenic

Because a collar is kept so close to a dog’s skin, it can cause an infection or a severe allergy if the collar’s material reacts adversely to your pet. Materials like nylon and leather can actually be toxic to dogs and can manifest as skin irritations or allergic reactions. Hemp is free of any chemical and toxins that can affect your pet’s health.

Comfortable to Wear

Hemp is a light and flexible material, making it comfortable to wear as a collar. The collar’s material actually becomes softer over time so your dog shouldn’t have any problems breaking it in. Also, because the material is easy to work with, it’s possible to choose from many different designs if you want something a little more personalized.

Blocks UV Rays

Another neat quality that hemp exhibits is its ability to block more UV rays than other known fabric fiber. This can be quite handy if you decide to give your dog a close haircut for the warmer seasons and you don’t want to risk it getting a heat rash from wearing a collar that actually absorbs UV radiation.

There are many things to consider when getting a dog collar for your pet. If your dog’s comfort and health is your primary concern then getting a collar that’s a good fit for these qualities. Hemp collars can fit perfectly into this role, so you might want to think about getting one for your furry companion.

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