It is just natural for most website owners to want a website that stands out. To be able to do that, these owners will need a good theme and of course, invest in creating a luxury web design. But from the position of a web designer, things are not that easy.

In fact, if you are a full-time web designer, you may get clients that mostly want the same thing as your other clients every day. Then, sooner than you’ll notice, you may be offering the same designs over and over again.

You want your clients to dominate their competitors but at the same time create an outstanding website that will last.


Here are some tips for creating a one-of-a-kind website:

Structure it well

Your visitors will come to your website because they want to find something and if they can’t find it right away, then they will move to the next site. To avoid wasting time and money, you need to have your site structured well.

Structuring your website is not just about placing a lot of text and data on one page together mixed in with a lot of images. The layout of the site needs to be clear and every section needs to be organized and easy to understand.

Solid content

For a website to work well, it needs to function well and should contain a good copy. Keep in mind that the layout of the website is just a bare bone and it needs the content to make it stand out.

Do not use the “lorem ipsum text” to fill in the gaps once the layout is done and ask your client to provide you with the text. What commonly happens to rookie designers is they place the dummy text and forgets to remove the text even after the site’s launch. This can impact the website right from the start, making it look like it was made by a fraud.

The use of animation

Luxury web design trends these days, suggests the use of animation. But this does not mean that you have to follow this style blindly especially if you are unsure how to use it on the site to its advantage. If you do not have a unique idea, then don’t use it.

Keep in mind that animated flying saucers and buttons will not be of use if they do not fit on the design. If you still want to use animation, make sure to do it properly and that it blends well with the rest of the design.

Bold colour schemes and typography

This is another luxury web design that is on trend which is mostly straightforward even for beginners. It is always great if the colours and font choices of the logo match the brand style so discuss this with your graphic designer and make sure that they will follow the overall branding of your client.