We do best when life is fairly predictable and we have some sort of routine. When something happens and our routine is altered, we might experience anywhere from a little bit of a stress to an incredibly high amount of stress that completely messes with our ability to function. Fifty-years ago, two psychiatrists even created a Social Readjustment Rating Scale that attempted to measure the impact of certain life events based on how likely they were to make people physically ill. The death of a spouse tops the list at 100 points, while divorce is 73, marriage is 50, and “Christmas approaching” is near the bottom of the list at 12.

Getting hurt

When we’re young, it’s easier to take our health for granted. That changes as we get older and our body starts to break down a bit. It really changes if we’re involved in an accident that injures us. A hit-and-run accident can do more than just send us to the hospital and leave us facing months of physical therapy; it can also mess with our sense of personal safety. If we can’t leave the house in the morning without believing that we’ll be able to come back home in one piece, then it’s going to become a lot harder to leave at all. A personal injury or illness scores a 53 on the aforementioned Social Readjustment Rating Scale scale. It seems like a cruel twist of fate that the mental load from trying to deal with an illness or injury can cause more health problems, but sometimes there can be a domino effect that means the problems seem to keep piling up. Then there are the medical expenses. The majority of Americans who file for bankruptcy do so because of overwhelming medical bills. Health insurance is no guarantee against financial ruin, either, since there are plenty of costs that insurers can’t or won’t pay. In this situation, some people turn to motor vehicle accident lawyers. If you were hurt because of another party’s negligence, a good accident lawyer may be able to get payment from either the person or their automobile insurance; being made financially whole can go a long way towards relieving some of the stress that often accompanies a serious injury.

A quick move

Good life events can also come with some stress-inducing side effects. Moving is often a positive development, especially if it’s for something like a new job. However, fewer Americans are relocating for jobs these days, and high housing costs are one reason. Cities with more jobs also tend to be cities where the housing market keeps getting more expensive. That’s why it’s helpful to hire a relocation services expert who knows your new hometown inside and out. Such experts can tell you which neighborhoods are on the rise and which ones are still floating under the radar.

Moving to start a new life means leaving your old one behind. That can cause a tremendous amount of angst and confusion, but it’s all part of the process, and the anxiety usually dies down once you start to get settled into your new city. Hiring someone to help you with the process will result in a smoother transition and allow you to focus on the really important stuff, like excelling at your new job and making new friends.

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