It is not as easy as it sounds to select a publisher for your book. This is because from left, right, and center, you are bombarded with confusing claims, misleading advertising, and wrong information from high-pressure salespeople and low-priced service providers. In North America alone, there are over 100 companies of different sizes competing to give you publishing services.

Once upon a time, the publishing industry was dedicated to bringing excellent books by excellent writers to readers who are eager to flip the pages. However, this has changed, and now the industry is flooded with self-publishing companies who can best be described as flight by night. It is for this reason that you need to put in extra effort to find a competent, qualified, and professional publishing service. This article will walk you through some of the things you need to factor in as you single out the best self-publishing company.


It is one thing to publish a book and another to publish a real masterpiece that people will be interested to read. There are lots of publishers, but not everyone is a professional. In vetting the company to publish your book, you need to look at the interiors and covers of some of the books they have released so far. If they don’t appear to be of the same quality as those you see in your local bookstore, do yourself a favor and walk straight on to the next company. Don’t wait to learn from your readers or booksellers that your book is subpar. It may be too late.

Online Reviews

There is no question that we are living in a digital age where information is available all over the internet. You have no excuse for doing business with self-publishing houses that are unscrupulous. If you check nowhere else, ensure you look at the profile of your potential self-publishing company on the Better Business Bureau.  Do a simple search of the company name together with a string of other keywords such as complaints and see precisely what pops up.

Self-publishing companies that are careful about their reputation such as My Word! Publishing consider every complaint and ensure that it is resolved amicably. When looking at the allegations, also be wary of people who complain for the sake of complaining, and others with unrealistic expectations.

The Value for Money

Some consumers use pricing to measure value. However, if you flip this on the other side and start from the value end, your buying decision can be worthwhile. A good self-publishing company is worth its weight in gold. When choosing a publishing service, you are not just picking a service provider, but rather a partner to walk with you to ensure your publishing project is a success. You need one with specialized knowledge about both marketing and publishing.

A Publisher Who Wholesales

When you publish your book, you should have it on some of the best online booksellers such as Amazon. Doing so will allow you to grow your audience with basically free online advertising. People will feel more confident buying from established sources rather than from the trunk of your car. These benefits can come to you if your publisher offers a wholesale option.

It also helps to find out whether you retain all the rights to your work, the genres the publishing house deals with, and whether they offer a press release service.

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