If you’re in charge of organising the office Christmas party, it’s your responsibility to wow people. They’ve been working hard and they expect a celebration that acknowledges their efforts and achievements and gives them the chance to let their hair down.

Your managers may have a totally different set of priorities for the celebration, which complicates matters. They may want a party that boosts the prestige of the company – that may even make someone decide to apply there rather than somewhere else – but not to encourage behaviour that might reflect badly on the brand. The Bishop of Southwark’s behaviour a few Christmases ago gives you an idea of how badly it can go wrong!

Let’s have a look at a few ways you can organise an office Christmas party that will keep everyone happy!

Finding the Right Venue

The first step has to be to find the right venue. If you’re organising your office Christmas party London has plenty of venues to offer you, so as long as you book early you should be able to find the perfect one!

Think about how many people will be attending – too big or too small are equally bad. You don’t want to leave people out in the cold, but you also don’t want the party to feel dwarfed by the size of the venue. That could crush the festive spirit!

You could also control people’s behaviour with your choice of venue to a degree. If management have a reason to try to avoid rowdy behaviour, try to book somewhere without a bar! That leaves you free to provide a reasonable amount of alcohol for the party.


A good way to make a celebration stand out is to pick a theme – this informs your choice of venue, the entertainment and the food on offer. It’s worth taking the time to try to think up something relevant to your business: either the sector you work in or a particular achievement or challenge everyone has shared in this year.

If your business won an award, an Oscar themed Christmas party is a good way to celebrate that with everyone! On a more general level, if your business works in security, it might be worth booking an escape room for a Christmas treat!

Letting a relevant theme inform your plans is a great way to organise a Christmas party that people will be talking about long into the new year!

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