If you love the great outdoors, then your idea of heaven might include a cabin in the middle of nowhere. You can’t imagine anything better than relaxing in front of a fireplace while frogs chirp outside. If you have a patch of land you’re free to build on, investing in a cabin might be the perfect choice for your extra cash. A small, practical cabin can be built for not much money. If a cabin is in your dreams, here are some simple tips for getting one built.

Take Stock of Who Needs to Fit

Technically, you could house yourself in a shed. While it might not be warm enough in the winter, a shed big enough for a bed could be enough to keep you safe and dry. While this much economy might be appealing to some, you probably want to make room for the entire family or at least a few friends. Your cabin can be small (and if you want to save money, it should be), but you can find creative ways to house everyone inside it. A sleeping loft is usually enough to fit air mattresses and sleeping bags. If you make use of your vertical space, you can build a tiny cabin that still has room for everyone to stay.

Take Stock of the Elements

You may build your cabin somewhere evergreen, a location that never needs protection against ice or snow. You may choose to build a cabin that’s summers-only, and stay far away during the winter chill. If you live in cold conditions, and you want your cabin to be a year-round retreat, however, you’ll need to build it accordingly. For cold weather climates, you’ll want good insulation in your walls and properly-sealed windows. A fireplace is the perfect addition to a year-round cabin. A properly-tended fireplace will be enough to keep the entire cabin warm without a heating system. Talk to a New Jersey construction company about having a chimney installed.

Build Smart

If you’ve never attempted a construction project before, you might want to enlist some help before you complete a cabin all on your own. A simple design, however, is easy to construct, and with the help of some friends, you could have your cabin built within a week, assuming good weather and adequate material. Start your cabin on a firm foundation. You wouldn’t want to build in fall, only to find that your location is a swamp come spring. Start with your floor frame, then your wall frame. Follow basic building instructions to build your cabin sturdily and in the proper order. Make good choices with the details, like residential metal roofing vs shingles. Your cabin can be a project of pride for the entire family. It will probably be small, and won’t be very fancy, but you’ll love every square foot because you built it yourself. Next time you want to head to the woods to fish, relax, and get away from the hustle and bustle, you’ll be grateful you took the time and investment to create your cabin.

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