It seems like everyone wants to be the next Insta-popular person with Instagram being the new Youtube. However going viral on Instagram may be easier then it seems. With many independent websites offering the purchase of Instagram followers from as low as $20. But for the individuals who take Insta-popularity seriously they seem to want a more targeted approach. Wanting targeted Instagram followers from particular countries and states. Serious business it is as it can set you back 5 times more in hard earned cash. Is it really worth that much money and can it really help with building popularity on Instagram?

Why Buy Targeted Instagram Followers?

So normal Instagram followers can come pretty cheap with bottom tier starting at $20 for 500 followers. Targeted followers however, can set you back $100 for 500 followers. Many people are asking for the targeted followers because they think the generic ones are easy to spot as being bought Instagram followers and not organically attained. Generic Instagram accounts come from all around the world but mostly from countries like India and Eastern Europe. When you are trying to make it big in the big apple and all your fans comes from somewhere else it doesn’t seem right. Forking out the extra money apparently can get you targeted Instagram followers from your desired country. Making your purchase of Instagram followers look less obvious to the public.

Is Buying Instagram Followers Worth It?

Well bought Instagram followers are still bought Instagram followers. So no matter where or how much you pay for them they won’t add to your Instagram fame. It doesn’t matter the number of followers your profile shows if they don’t interact of share your profile. No interaction means that your profile and posts don’t get shared and therefore real and active Instagram users will not find out about you. Buying targeted Instagram followers is more worthwhile for your profile after you have built a following. That way when your real fans check your profile it won’t be so obvious.

The Risks Involved With Buying Followers

To being with it’s a lot of money and you don’t know who you are paying the funds to. The websites ranking on search engines are owned by individuals who are breaking the terms and conditions of Instagam. Secondly, people think that paying that extra money means they are getting real Instagram users who may actually have a genuine interest in what they do one day. The truth is fake accounts are fake accounts no matter which country that they sign up in. Buying country targeted Instagram followers won’t add to your online following in the long run. It’s still just a boost in numbers. Lastly, these businesses are essentially giving you the same type of service but squeezing more money out of you because of your fear of people finding out about you buying Instagram followers. How many people would actually go through another’s Instagram profile and make sure the followers are legit?

To Conclude

Buying country target followers is just another gimmick in the already foolish business of buying Instagram followers. To gain an online following you must work hard and garner interest from real people and active users. If you really feel the need to buy Instagram followers then stick to the lower price option. Once you’ve tried that you will see how it does nothing for your online fame. That way you don’t lose too much money once you realize the truth about buying targeted Instagram followers.