In order to be successful in online business one should definitely acquire online marketing experience. How one can acquire such online marketing experience? One can acquire such experience with learning facts about successful business people who have adopted the best business practices. One can find a lot of experienced online marketers in the list of successful businessmen. One such name that immediately gets noticed is ERIKA NAPOLETANO who has several years of experience in online marketing business. His experience reveals the fact that he is a self taught marketer. He started his career after his high school education and invented methods towards success when he launched his first website that dealt with adult entertainment. The entertainment industry has enabled him to learn various cutting edge technologies namely video streaming and online chat. The above experience really enabled him to secure the second ranking position in the Google search engine wherein people searched for the word porn.


Brad Gosse showed interest on mainstream marketing and started selling more than three hundred in tangible marketing products which are handled by his team of experienced and efficient employees with the help of automated systems that has well worked for the business. His ideas are well handled by his team and he paid attention to various new businesses and brought out innovative and new products.


Year 2012 witnessed the publication ofBrad Gosse’sbook by name Chronic Marketer which has assumed the position of the best seller category internationally. People appreciate his characteristic features namely

  1. He loves animals very much.
  2. He is a practicing vegan.
  3. Loves various sports cars, video games, weed and the occasional manicure and pedicure.
  4. He is in possession of his own home in Ontario, Canada and lives with his wife, dog and three cats.

Hence one can better learn the techniques adopted by Brad Gosse who is a successful marketer.