Engineering and technological growth of a country shows the growth of civilization as a whole. One has to give the researchers their due for coming up with machines and tools that help in building cities as a whole. A modern city should have buildings and infrastructural development going on simultaneously. Though it might sound so simple, the actual work of designing, planning, and working, all involve a lot of discussion and a lot of strategizing. Many people work in a particular project like this and they would have to give in their valuable inputs in to the matter.

The fact that with correct planning and timely attention only construction work can go ahead is true. This is why big construction firms do not hesitate in hiring the best of engineers and designers. Architects would look at the beauty and usefulness of a construction work. But it is only up to the civil engineers to do the rest of strategizing and organizing work along with offering valuable consulting to the project heads. If the construction work is for the local government and is one of the developments of the infrastructure then the construction company has to follow a set of protocols and seek permits of a different kind before even going ahead with the project. Only a trained or experienced engineer like Reddy Kancharla would be able to take these projects easily and work smoothly in this regard.

There are consulting engineers and there are contracting engineers who totally help in working through the project. So, from designing and building to offering suggestions on the quality of building materials, the engineers are there for all the details of the project. They would be able to know the material that would help in keeping the building or the roads and other works of architecture in place even if there are changes in the tectonic plates during an earthquake tremors. Among the works of the civil engineers, site survey and inspection is one of the key areas and they would have to do this to ensure that the project does not pass through areas of wildlife or wetlands, causing damage to the environment.

Many a times, the civil engineers would have to make suggestions that help in ensuring that the estate they shall construct remain sustainable and low in maintenance. So, they would suggest that they would use energy efficient parts and materials for the construction.

Reddy Kancharla has by far been able to make such valuable contributions to many such projects and has helped in the construction of various buildings across the States too. As an engineer, one cannot just ignore the fact that when it comes to constructing, safety and health of the workers have to be taken to consideration. If the project design does not seem to be really safe and if the construction of a part does not guarantee safety, then they would make changes and urge the designers to have another design in its place. After all, to ensure a safe world, one has to keep eyes and ears open to risks and possibilities.

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