Are you a small business owner trying to get your website off the ground? It’s likely your hands are already full, which may lead you to seek an out-of-house solution. How do you go about finding a company who can handle web design for small businesses like yours? Here are some tips on what qualities and abilities to look for in a web design company.

Impression Maker 

Your business website is your first impression for visitors and prospective customers. They want to immediately understand who you are and the services and products you offer. They also want to navigate easily. When looking for the web design company of best fit for your small business, consider conducting a review of your candidate’s website portfolio to see whether they created a great first impression for their previous clients.

Optimization Oriented

Whether you’re the owner of a café or a tax accounting firm, you share the same goal: website traffic that brings in business. In your search for a web design company, make sure your candidates are fully versed in best practices and cutting-edge methods for search engine optimization. If they advertise and offer optimized and search engine friendly websites, it’s likely they’re implementing the necessary measures to make sure their clients’ websites generate traffic and increased business.

Budget Conscious

While every small business has its unique needs, many are similar in that they need to adhere to a budget. Some companies that provide web design for small businesses use open source platforms to build websites that are particularly budget conscious. Within these open source platforms are upgrades and add-on features that can take a website to its next level at very little cost. If you’re looking for ecommerce capability, there are online stores and services that can be integrated effectively at a budget friendly cost, too.

Relationship Savvy

You want to work with the experts who bring you not only the best bang for your buck but also a positive web design process. Whether you’re building a website from scratch or working on a facelift for an existing site, you’ll be spending a lot of time with your chosen web design company. Make sure your candidate company puts a premium on great communication and project management experience. Past client experiences can be the best indicator of your future success. Reviews for web design companies for small businesses can often be found on industry and merchant-focused sites.

Forward Looking 

Today’s companies that provide web design services for small business owners should be well versed in social media and mobile friendly platforms. You also want a web design company to be invested in analytics and tracking, a vital part of ongoing website improvement. Query your candidates about their analytics and tracking approach and how they might use the data to help you create and meet goals for your site.

As you can see, when seeking a company that provides web design for small businesses, there are many factors to consider. Use these tips as a guide as you conduct your search and remember that past clients’ websites and working experiences can be an invaluable aspect of your research.