Jungian analysis is a specialized form of psychotherapy which involves client and counselor working together to help improve client’s state of mind aimed at helping in getting a psychological balance and wholeness. Jungian therapy is designed to help bring relief to clients suffering from psychological trauma. Jungian analysis is a process that helps treat a wide range of emotional disorders including anxiety and depression. It is also considered highly effective to those looking to achieve psychological growth. Jungian analysis is aimed at bridging the gap between conscious and unconscious aspects of the humanity.

How Does Jungian Analysis Work

Analysis requires intensity and continuity. Sessions can last for many hours and can take up about one to four days per week scheduling a meeting with a professional. However, the number of times you schedule a meeting with an analyst is not predetermined but is decided upon by both the client and analyst. This has to be in accordance with the unique requirements of each individual situation. However, these sessions are expected to last for several years. Frequency of sessions will be determined from day to day experience of a client, past memories, as well as reflections in terms of memories, experiences, and interaction with the analyst.

One of the factors that play a major role in this process is the strength of the relationship between the analyst and client. There is also a show of professionalism as privacy and confidentiality between patient and Jungian analysts http://www.nyjungian.com/jungian-analysis.html are strictly maintained. This job requires 100% commitment on the part of both patient and analyst.  Jung stated that such task can sometimes be difficult and demanding to accomplish.

Who can benefit from Jungian Analysis?

Jungian analysis is designed to help individuals with a genuine desire to learn more about themselves. These set of people are those that are willing and ready to go for regular scheduled meetings with a Jungian analyst over an extended period of time. People who can benefit from Jungian analysis include those suffering from emotional problem such as anxiety and depression; those looking to improve their relationships; and individuals who seek growth and deeper meaning in their lives. A lot of people who are involved in spiritual exploration and creative works of arts also seek the services of Jungian analysts and they find it quite rewarding. One of the major goals of Jungian analysis is to bring the patient awareness and understanding of what was considered to be unconscious.

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