It is very easy to get a new car insurance policy now-a-days through online mode. One can find everything related to a car insurance policy offered by companies on their official websites. You can easily go through them, see what other documents are required and forms to fill to grab a brand new car insurance policy. The whole process has been made easy for customers by the companies as one can pay fee or premiums online without any hassle.

You must always calculate IDV (Insured Declared Value) along with premium value through the calculator option available on the company’s official website. You must also compare various policies online through the comparators available so that you must know that you are buying what is suitable for you.

Renewing Car Insurance Policy

Process of renewing a car policy is a little tedious task as you might need to do a little more research on various policies, and get quotes of same from different companies. There are various factors that can uplift your car’s premium such as:

  • Its age
  • Make and the Model Number of the car
  • Background of the claims
  • Registration Place

The other factors that affect its premium are:

  • NCB (No Claim Bonus): If you have made no claims in the past, then you can claim NCB discount of up to 50% on your premium which mean lower premium amount. In case, you have made claims in the past, then premium value will vary.
  • Own Damage Covers: This cover prevents car from all the natural calamities such as flood, fire, thunder, earthquake, cyclones, lightning etc but people do not get this renewal done on an old vehicle thinking that they would never claim it which proves to be a pure risk. It is wise to include this cover at the renewal time.

It is always advisable to compare and then get policy renewed.

Major Attractions that you must seek while Renewing Car Insurance

Renewing a policy can grab a lot of amazing other benefits to you and you must claim them while renewing your car insurance policy.

  • Personal Accident Cover: This cover includes both the owner and paid-driver in case any accident or mishap happens, all the damages/destruction of car as well as injuries or death of the person is covered under it.
  • Road Side Assistance: You are provided with assistance on 24*7 basis which mean if you face any kind of problem on the road such as empty tank, engine issues, battery issues etc then you are supposed to contact company’s professional support, send them your location and get the problem sorted easily.
  • Cover for loss of Personal belongings: While driving or during any accident, if you have lost any precious or valuable belonging such as laptop, tablet or anything, then it is also covered under the policy.

There are other benefits that are provided to you such as Engine & Electronics Cover, RTI (Return to Invoice insurance cover) and discounts and cashless transactions at various garages.

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