Sending mass email is required when you need to contact many customers or recipients at the same time. Sending email one by one is a tedious job and is practically not at all feasible when the list is big. Salesforce CRM is one of the best customer management applications used worldwide. If you are a user of Salesforce and want to know how to send mass email in Salesforce, then there is good news for you. Salesforce allows you to send mass email natively and there is no extra cost for it.

Here are a few tips on how to send mass email in Salesforce

Tip 1-The maximum number of external addresses included in the process of how to send mass email in Salesforce, which can be sent in a day through Salesforce is 1000 which includes both external and internal. The maximum number of email addresses which can be included depends on which Salesforce edition you are using.

Here is a list of the maximum number of addresses per edition.

Edition                 Address limit per mass email

Professional                    250

Enterprise                        500

Unlimited edition           1000

It should be noted that the unique address is not taking into account. If there are ten similar addresses used, they will be taken as 10 and not as a single one.

Tip 2 -You can send an unlimited amount of emails to the internal users and these limits also apply to emails sent from Apex and API.

Tip 3- Create a custom view of contacts, leads, personal accounts or cases without an email address before you send a mass email. In the search criteria, choose “Email equals” and then leave blank the third field. You can update these records before you send the emails. There is no method, unfortunately to validate an email address without sending an actual email message.

Tip 4- Attachments in mass emails are sent as links and not as the physical files. The attachments are opened in a separate web browser and the file can then be downloaded. The attachments which are sent as links are stored for 30 days.

Tip-5-You will receive an auto generated status email from Salesforce if you have selected the option- Notify sender when mass email completes.

Limitations when sending mass emails through Salesforce

  • Mass email can only be sent to an address in standard email field. Using a custom field for email is not supported in Salesforce.
  • If standard email field is hidden by a field level security, then the “Mass email” links for contacts and Leads will not appear.
  • If you have understood how to send mass email in Salesforce, you need also to understand the limitations of it. Here are those limitations.
  • You are given access only to those fields in email templates which are accessible to you via page layout and field level security settings.
  • You cannot use any organization wide address for sending mass email or a request for “Stay-in-touch”

Thus, these were a few tips and limitations on few tips on how to send mass email in Salesforce. Hope you found it useful for your needs.