Sharing videos (both commercial and personal) in social media sites like Facebook or Twitter is a simple method to introduce your service or to deliver a message. However, not all users are equally efficient to this job and they often seek professionals, help to upload videos in profiles. Well, if you research on it and learn how to use different applications to share video twitter, you can better teach others on this topic. At the same time, you have to be sure about the uses of different video sharing sites to collect worthy videos only. Get information about a few such platforms here.

When you are talking about mass video sharing in twitter, using this platform is a worthy option. However, here it is good to know that avoiding the site to see its look and appearance won’t be a better option because the look doesn’t represent the inner contents perfectly. The site may be aesthetically unappealing but it includes all the basic information required to share all kind of videos in Twitter. You either can upload the videos or can record the clippings instantly to share through this site. Though the video pages look a bit sparse, however you can use these pages to leave comment, to get glimpses of the video clips that have been shared by other users. Moreover, users of this site can also grab the embed codes of the video clips to use it for other purposes.

TwitLens works as a dual-purpose site that helps in sharing both useful videos and images through Twitter. As it is a beta site, thus it can support number of video uploads at once. Using the site, you can upload up to 50MB of videos and can use it for other purposes like for anonymous uploads, for mobile uploads, for commenting and many other purposes. There are two most mentionable facts that make it quite popular among users. First, there is a particular application available in the site that supports QAuth in Twitter to ensure secure login. Secondly, the app helps in tagging other users in videos and photos, simply with their names.

TweeTube started its journey as a medium to share only YouTube videos via Twitter. However, the developers then extended their services to share the videos with other major operating systems like OSX, Mac, etc. The site developers then started hosting these videos and allow the users to post comment along with the videos. Recently, they have started with other services, where users can share multiple videos, along with their links using their email id or any other profile ID. The process of sharing video twitter through this site is very simple as you need to use the YouTube video URL only. However, you can’t use videos that continues for more then 25 seconds. TweeTube is good because with the help of the site you can upload many videos of small duration.

Along with these, you can also try Twitc, TwitVid for video twitter applications.

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