Jaisalmer has been declared as a World Heritage Site. It is thus obvious that the footfall in the place is always on the steep side in the tourist season i.e. between October and March. Booking your Jaisalmer trip in the Rajasthan Tour Package with a reliable and experienced tour operator gives you the trust of having a tension free and comfortable stay in the place.  

Apart from sightseeing of the forts and other magnificent monuments in the city, one looks forward to the good times at the desert camp in Jaisalmer. The desert camps are more adventurous with the camel rides and the cultural programmes. However, you still have to be alert while you are enjoying your vacation. Take precautions so that the vacation does not turn out to be a disaster for you.

Tips To Avoid Failure In Desert Camps in Jaisalmer

Tips to avoid failure in Jaisalmer Tour Packages

Safe camel rides

Be very cautious while on the camel. Getting unto the camel for the ride is not similar to that of the horse. Getting to the seat is when the camel is sitting. So one has to be very careful and pay attention when it rises. Also one has to hold on tightly to the saddle while it is walking else one may be tossed to one side. Chances of burning sensation in the legs are also common in the first time riders.

Protection against Sun burns

Prolonged exposure to the sun could be dangerous here. Wearing sunblock could be a great idea while you are moving during the day. A large hat with a flat round rim could also be a protection against the direct rays. Do not ever remove your sun glasses during the day unless quite necessary.

Precautions for the chilly nights

The days could be hot but the nights could be very very chilly. Do not forget to pack your socks and other warm clothes for the nights. Your tour operator may arrange for the blankets, still you should be prepared with your own set of clothes. And do not walk on the sand without your sandals. You never know where the scorpions and beetles hide.

Measures against dehydration

Carry your water bottle and wet tissues with you. Intake of fluid at intervals is recommended to avoid dehydration and falling ill. Wet tissues also help in giving relief against the sun and the sand stuck to your skin.

A little carefulness and paying attention to things around can minimize the accidents, injuries and any other disasters and can make your trip to the Golden City a memorable one.