Making the decision to move your business to a new location can be frightening especially when it comes to the SEO world. Even a single change can cause substantial potential SEO consequences. The fear of dropping in Google’s search results is enough to keep countless business owners anxious during the whole migration process. But fret not because there are ways to keep you Calgary SEO ranking despite the move. Here are ways to do it:

Update Your Business Information on All Record

Update your “contact” and “about us” pages. Also, don’t forget to change your business’ information on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Places, Yelp, Chamber of Commerce information, Angie’s List, etc.

Make sure to put interior and exterior pictures of your new office space, with driving directions of the address of your new office. It is also vital to highlight your move to a new location so clients will not get confused.

Try to Keep Your Phone Number

After transferring to a new place, chances are you will be getting a new number. Just make sure to ask if you can keep your previous number and have the telephone company forward it to your new number. This way, it will help in ensuring that clients are redirected to your new office.

Mark the Previous Business as Closed

If you’re transferring to a new location, it is probable that a previous business has occupied your new location. Research on the previous business and make sure that you have their business listing closed.

Inform the Government

It is also important that you inform the government of your move by updating your name, address, phone number, and other vital info with your state’s taxing and licensing body.

Update Your Paid Search Campaigns

If you are using paid campaigns and ads and you are aiming at the local market, it is important that your physical address is up to date in your targeting or location extensions. Incorrect addresses will tend to direct clients to wrong locations and that isn’t good for your business.

Thanks to the steps above from Meaningful Marketing and their Calgary SEO services, the steps above have to be done at a specific time during the process of moving. We recommend finishing all of the above suggestions to make sure that rankings are not affected by the change of location.