Have you ever been in a situation where you want to do something but you can’t figure out how? For example, you are in the middle of your bathroom and you know that it needs to be renovated. Because the time has come, because it really needs to or because you want something new. But you don’t know what exactly to do.

Renovation trends change all the time. Today you can find ideas for small bathrooms, extra-large bathrooms, extremely modern bathrooms or smart bathrooms. The Internet has it all. But what is the one that suits you the most? Here you will find a list of renovation ideas depending on the size, budget, functionality and whatever you are looking for.

Frameless Shower Enclosures or Brushed Brass Shower Screen

If you have a small bathroom with no place for a bathtub and you do not want to wet the whole room, these ideas are perfect for you. Frameless enclosures are ideal for small bathrooms when you want to get the feeling of open space. Of course, if you are not a fan of the idea of no frame then the trendiest option is the brushed brass shower screen.

Thanks to last year’s trend a lot of the bathroom accessories add brass details and this shower screen is the perfect fit for them. The good thing about both of the options is that you can find some really cheap ones and, of course, some extremely expensive ones.

Large-Format Wall Tiles or Colourful Patterned Wallpapers

The main thing that dictates the whole style of a bathroom is the walls. From colours to size or material, the thing that everybody notices when they are in the bathroom is the walls. According to the newest trend the bigger the better. Large-format tiles are bringing this special feeling of luxury. Moreover, big tiles mean fewer grout lines that need to be cleaned frequently.

If by chance you are a fan of the more country or vintage style then you should probably go on with putting some wallpapers on the walls. The only rule you need to follow is to choose mould-resistant ones. Renovation experts from Fantastic Services Group recommend that you spare a bigger amount of your budget on the choice you are going to make regarding your walls. Most of the bathroom tiles and wallpapers tend to be quite expensive.

Space-Saving Soaking Tubs or The Traditional Over-Bath Shower System

If your bathroom has enough space for a bathtub but not really, these two options are what you are looking for. Space-saving soaking tubs are smaller in size and do not require as much water to fill as a regular one. If your bathroom is big enough you will still have a separate tub and separate shower space. The traditional over-bath shower system is the best alternative for owners with small bathrooms but wants it all. What you can do to make it even trendier is to add an industrial-style shower.

Both options give you the luxury of a special place for relaxation. These ideas are not the cheapest so it will be good to make a list of your priorities before you start the renovation process.

Heated Flooring or Leaning Ladder Radiators

For the past years, both of these trends have been gaining popularity. On one hand, nowadays you can choose what type of underfloor heating system you want. Is it the electric or the hydronic heating system? Any of them will bring you the luxurious spa feeling when you walk barefooted. On the other hand, today many bathroom designers have created so many different ladder radiator designs that it is almost impossible to choose one. But when it comes to the budget and the size of the bathroom a conservative style leaning radiator is the best choice for you.

Warm Colours or Wooden Touches

Colours are everything. If you choose the wrong combination your bathroom will either look smaller, darker or, the worst, a big no-no. With each day passing by lighter colours are getting trendier and trendier when it comes to interior design. Brighter colours welcome more light into a space and give you a much more comfortable feeling than any rich colour. Combine this with natural materials and, in particular wooden touches, in the end, you will find yourself in one of the most calming places on the planet – your bathroom.

Bluetooth Ceiling Lights or LED Lighting

A common mistake almost everybody does is the wrong choice of lighting. Just like any other area at your home, the bathroom demands good lighting. LED lights are everywhere. There are different styles of them you can choose from, the intensity of light, the colour you want it to light with, and different places where you can instal them. To step further, you can instal Bluetooth lights in your bathroom. This way you can change the colour whenever you want, its intensity and listen to your favourite songs while taking a shower.

Round Mirrors or Clean-Cut Mirrors

When it comes to putting a mirror in your bathroom a lot of people forget how the size of the mirror will fit with the size of the bathroom. Once you figure this out you need to choose the right shape. According to the latest trends, this is a circular clean-cut mirror. These days a lot of these types of mirrors are accompanied by installed LED lighting. Of course, if you are not a fan of the idea you can always choose from more conservative mirrors with frames from natural materials.

Hybrid Floors

It is not only important to put stylish tiles on your walls but also on the floor. Hybrid floors are everywhere you go. You see them in your favourite cafeteria, in the restaurant nearby, or in the local shop. One of the best things about this is you can be as creative as you want. There is no limit regarding colours, shape or size. So make a good list of the priorities and if there is enough room in the budget for creativity, do it.

Bathroom Plants

Let’s be honest, no matter how stylish a bathroom is, it feels a little bit cold and sterile. If you would like to change this humid-hungry house plants are a perfect fit. Of course, if your bathroom does not have a window you need to make sure you are providing some natural sunlight for your plants from time to time. Or to instal fluorescent lighting at a safe distance from them. Some plants you can put in your bathroom are Peace Lily, Aloe Vera, English Ivy, Orchid and more.

Functionality and Comfort

Last but not least, you need to always think about your comfort and the functionality of everything in the bathroom. All your efforts will be meaningless if you do not feel safe and comfortable there. All the colours and materials won’t matter if you need to move 3 obstacles just for you to open a cabinet. Luckily there are a lot of options for smart cabinets and shelves you can choose from on the Internet. Combine this with something small like a bath mat and a stool and you will have this little touch of cosiness.


It doesn’t matter what you will do with your bathroom while you renovate it. After all the planning and budgeting this is your bathroom. It is important for you to like it, to feel comfortable and to be useful for you. It may not be the trendiest or biggest, or the most expensive done bathroom but it is yours. Do as you wish and enjoy your time there.


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