When we talk to someone about Android app development, they will say it’s a good idea. Indeed, they are not wrong, but getting foresight information regarding app development is also essential. Therefore, getting detailed knowledge is crucial before diving into the app development process. However, there are several aspects that you have to consider. The first thing is that you have to select the app platform. On which app development platform are you going to launch your app? For example, you are going for Android or iOS.

No doubt, there are several app development platforms. On the other hand, Android and iOS will remain the market leaders if your budget allows you to recruit an in-house android app development company and launch your app on both platforms. Those are much better. But, using one platform can be expensive; you need better funds, resources, time, and a skilled team.

No doubt that the world is using mobile phones and that there is no way of going back. Customers use their smartphones to find local shops and restaurants etc. Your online branding activities can be seen via mobile platforms if you own a business or a brand. Moreover, just making a website is no longer enough. Users are leaving their desktops and mostly rely on mobile apps. On the other hand, it increases the demand for android application developers and iOS developers.

Here Are Some Reasons Why Android App Development Is Important for Business Growth

Extensive Pool of Customers

According to Statista, of the third quarter of 2020, Android users could select from 2.87 million applications, making Google Play. On the other hand, the app store was on top with the highest number of apps to download. Moreover, if we talk about iPhone. App Store was in second place. App store with around 1.96 million iOS apps available. These numbers can vary from the actual number of apps.

There is a reason behind it. It is because Apple and Google delete low-quality content apps regularly from their stores. However, Android apps run on several devices as compare to iOS. On the other hand, these numbers indicate that the Android apps have access to a larger user pool. Moreover, if we talk about apps, the number is regularly increasing.

Why Is Android App Development Important For The Growth Of Your Business

Bigger Innovative Potential

Google’s philosophy of creativity and freedom is filtering into the applications it hosts in its store. To be a brainchild, Android is just a lot more enjoyable to play with. The strategy for including apps is much more flexible, giving developers more freedom to explore and innovate. Selecting Android for your app can encourage your business. On the other hand, it also offers new ideas that create more value in user’s lives.

Easy Installation

The best thing is that you are not restricted to Play Store. You are allowed to download an Android app from a website too. In other words, the Google Play Store apps can be hosted on a third party’s website. Android’s (SDK) software development kit enables this.

Moreover, it also offers the flexibility to install the app directly to your computer from the command line. All of them make the application available to the highest number of users around the globe.  It is the main reason to invest in android app development.

Easier Entry to Market

If you want to develop an app on the Android platform. You have to enroll as a developer. Moreover, you have to build an android package kit (APK). After creating the kit, submit the complete details to the android app development platform. However, you can easily register yourself on the Android platform. On the other hand, if we talk about iOS, you have to pass multiple stages in iOS for registering yourself and getting registration approval.

On the other hand, the best thing about Android development is that an Android app deploys in a single day. There is a reason. It is because Android frequently gets authorization from the platform. But sometimes it gets almost 2 or 3 days, depending on multiple factors. However, in iOS, this same process needs nearly weeks. On the other hand, it allows developers to update the app on Google Play Store.

It is because they have to satisfy the customer’s need. So, when developers get feedbacks for an app, they update the app. however, if we talk about Apple App Store. It is pretty challenging. It is because the developer has to submit a new update and run the process. That is why this process is a little more complex and time-consuming. No doubt, this Android is more effective and efficient than iOS.

Custom ROMs

In Android, the custom ROM (Read-Only Memory) relates to the firmware of the mobile phone. However, Android is open-source. It allows a developer to change and recompile code. On the other hand, the developer is also allowed to adjust it to several devices.

It includes the design and behavior of the device. A mobile application development channel uses this skill as it allows them to create countless code variants. Therefore, developing new features and modifying an application to new devices swiftly.

Why Is Android App Development Important For The Growth Of Your Business2

Compatible with More Devices

No doubt, every one of us knows that Android dominates the smartphone sector. On the other hand, Android can run on more devices as compare to iOS and other OS. Moreover, the entire industry is changed by Android OS. In today’s market, the manufacturers that produce devices that support Android applications are increased compared to iOS.

One factor that have a high impact in the market as well as on customer mind. It is affordability. It is the main reason behind using Android devices more than iOS. There are several other aspects too, but it is the central aspect. However, going for Android app development is a good choice. It is a wiser decision, and on the other hand, it also contributes to increasing your profit.

Lower Development Cost

Every choice, like going for Android app development or iOS both has different costs. It is the same as you are going to buy a car. You have to decide which car to purchase. Similarly, in-app development, you have to decide which platform is best for your app. most people find themselves in the middle of the ocean. When it comes to the investment and the expected outcomes, this inner tension is natural.

However, this tension question comes to our mind at last. Generally, the first real question that comes to mind is which app development platform is cheaper. We create multiple questions in our minds. We often think about the advantages and disadvantages of the app. However, this situation is part of our life. It often happens to us when we buy a car or app. So, when it comes to app development, we do the same every time.

On the other hand, you have to make a one-time payment of $25 for a subscription. In other words, a person will register or upload their app on Google Play Store, and they have to pay this amount as a fee. Similarly, you have to pay in the Apple App Store. However, in Apple, one has to pay around $99 a year. Moreover, Android is still open-source. It is easier to choose.

Most of the developers prefer Android app development over iOS. It is because it offers substantial advantages over iOS. When it comes to app development, most of the developers will go for Android. The mobile app development platform pays more attention to Android apps. These platforms dramatically cut and reduce the costs of the entire process.

Final Notes

The mobile industry is booming. Investing in mobile app development is worthy for every business. If your company isn’t on mobile till now. And you don’t think about investing in creating a mobile app. You’re already behind your competitors.

If your competitors aren’t on mobile. They’ll be on mobile soon. Many of the young people started using mobile a long time ago.

Smartphones are now used by around 75% of the younger population. With out-of-date techniques, it’s challenging to engage the millennial generation. Even if they have access to a traditional PC, young people prefer to use their mobile devices. There are several reasons to choose and invest in Android, and each one has some worth.

Whenever you made any decision regarding anything, consider your team. For example, selecting a platform will be much better if you involve different departments, individuals, and preferences. No doubt, Android is the most preferable and best option for startups and growing businesses.

On the other hand, it can also aid big companies in achieving their goals. There is a reason. It is because companies have to “Understand the benefits of having an app. For example, increasing revenue and targeting more customers, etc. You can select the best software development company for your project. Several well-known and award-winning companies offer their services in this field. You can choose one of them aftermarket research.

You can increase brand recognition and loyalty among many current and potential customers by developing mobile applications for Apple, Android, and other mobile operating systems. In truth, many customers now expect a firm or brand to have its mobile application.

It suggests that gaining a competitive advantage over other businesses is becoming increasingly important. On the other hand, multiple companies are adopting app development. They know if they miss this opportunity, they leave behind by their competitors. Moreover, having an app for your business can increase your brand and company reliability.

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