If you have plans to attend law school and become an attorney, choosing a major when beginning college could be one of your most important decisions. While theoretically a person can be accepted to law school with any degree, there are some that may put you ahead of your competitors more so than others. Keep in mind that most undergraduate degrees take around four years to complete so it’s ideal that you also have interest in whatever degree you choose. That way you can perform well and enjoy this important part of your life. To give yourself the best chance of getting accepted to law school, consider the following majors.

Political Science

As one of the most common degrees for lawyers, Political Science degree seems to give you the best ticket to gaining admission to law school. Since this major deals with a wide array of topics and current events, you would be seen by a law school as someone who has a broad knowledge of the world and how various events impact people’s lives. Many people who get an undergrad in political science also tend to end up working at firms after law school that deal with high-end clients that have a lot of influence in their community. Additionally, it can set you up in the long run to work with or as a political leader. If your ambitions go behyond that of law school and you want to run for local office, this is an ideal undergraduate degree. 


When you are considering which major to choose, visiting a local law firm will give you a clear idea of just how important communication skills will be in your legal career. Whether you are arguing a case in court, preparing reports, case briefs, and other legal documents, or speaking to a client who wants to hire your services, having strong oral and written communication skills will be used both in law school and once you start your legal career. Communication can provide more than just public speaking skills. It can also provide you details with reading non-verbal queues as well as being able to better understand how to elicit specific emotions to clients and to the jury.


If there is one thing you will be expected to do in law school and beyond, it has the ability to do critical thinking and see a situation from many different perspectives. To do so, you may want to major in Philosophy in college. Two areas that often go together, law and philosophy will help you learn how ethics, human nature, and other variables combine in all types of legal cases. Additionally, it will give you a background into the major ways of thinking based on core philosophers understandings. This background and understanding can help you understand what type of information would be pertinent to your future clients, future judges and fellow lawyers. 


Since all laws originated somewhere due to certain circumstances, possessing a degree in History may serve you well in getting accepted to law school. Since you will likely use numerous legal precedents when arguing cases or preparing briefings for the court, having a knowledge of how laws have evolved over the years can be beneficial. You can usually select a region or time in history that your undergrad studies can focus on. If this is the case, then it may be a good idea to select a period of time that still affects local laws. For example, an emphasis in U.S. Government can provide you with details about what has happened in the federal courts that make the laws the way they are.


Finally, a Psychology degree can be a great ticket to law school. If you are planning to focus on criminal law or perhaps personal injury law, knowing how people think can be crucial to getting a jury to come down on your side and rule in favor of your client. It can also help you understand your potential clients and perhaps even help you win their business. Due to the useful nature of understanding the human mind as a lawyer, it will also help your future law schools recognize the value of your degree and may help you get into law school.

Any Other Degree

Though the degrees listed above should help you get into law school, they likely won’t help you stand out compared to other students. These are common undergraduate degrees and thus they may be considered a tried and tested means of producing great lawyers. However, some schools are interested in adding diversity to the school of thought of their students. A different degree will likely affect your school of thought and thus, a different degree can make you stand out just enough to get into law school.

Whichever of these degrees you select, you will be one step closer to getting into law school and eventually pursuing the legal career of which you’ve always dreamed. However, if you want a more sure-fire path into your dream law school and law firm, consider reviewing the background details of the partner lawyers at that firm. By learning what type of undergrad degrees lawyers that attended the same school you wish to attend, you’ll be able to choose the right undergrad degree for you. Additionally, there are often consensus reports from the law school that showcase student data such as the undergraduate degree that can help point you in the right direction.

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