When you are ready to sell your home, it helps to pay special attention to staging key areas that many buyers are most interested in. One of these is the dining room where families spend quality time catching up with each other over meals. Here are four tips to help you make your dining room stand out to prospective homebuyers.


The lighting in any room is important but it is especially important in a dining room since that is a space that home buyers will envision themselves in every day. If you have windows in the space, then you will want to ensure that you maximize the natural lighting by opening the blinds and curtains. In the evening, you’ll need to compensate for the lack of sunlight. If you update your lighting fixture to work on a dimmer switch, you can gradually increase the amount of light that goes into the room as the sun goes down. This is perfect for open house days. You can adapt the lighting for any time of the day or evening as well as sunny days or cloudy days for the best look when the house is shown. 

Depending on the dining room’s size and layout, you may want to include table lamps or a standing lamp to create ambiance when emphasizing the room size and best features. Replace any burnt-out lightbulbs and practice with the dimmer switch to get the room to look its best at various times of the day. 

If the light fixtures are old or if they don’t match the rest of the home, consider replacing them. Depending on the ceiling space and the mood you are trying to create in the dining room, you may want to add a multi-bulb light or even a chandelier. Keep in mind that investing in a multi-thousand dollar chandelier does not automatically make the room feel like a multi-thousand dollar dining room. However, if everything else in the dining room and throughout the house is crystal, then including crystal in the dining room lighting would probably be a great addition to the space.


Update the flooring in your dining room as it is one of the first things that people notice. Ideally, the flooring in your dining room will be wood or tile since these materials are easy to clean if food gets on them and they tend to make the space look really good. If you have carpet and you don’t have the budget or time to replace it,  have it cleaned by a professional or at least shampoo it the night before showing your home. That way it looks super clean and ready to move into.

For a fresh look, add throw rugs or accent rugs to add color or style. Rugs are a great way to add visual space to an area. For example, if you have a floor runner where people are supposed to walk in and out of the dining room, there will be a clear division between where you walk and where you eat. This division can add visual space and make the room look better utilized. One caution for rugs, however, is that you don’t want the rug to make the room look smaller. To ensure this doesn’t happen, consider the size of the rug, the space you are putting it in, and the texture or tripping hazard it may present. Remove any type of flooring that could pose a tripping hazard. Clear the room of toys for kids and pets as well as any clutter or unnecessary items that could make the floor feel crowded. which would also make the room feel smaller.


The dining room wouldn’t be complete without dining room furniture such as a grand table and chairs to eat at. Depending on the size of the room, you may want to include furniture in the corners as well for lamps and other things that can help you make the room feel bigger. Clean and polish your dining room furniture to make it look its best. 

If you are actively using the dining room while showing the room to potential buyers, consider cleaning it down before each showing. If the table is old and worn down, you may want to add attractive table covers so that it still looks clean and new. Remove extra chairs that are not being used or don’t fit around the table visually. If you use the room for anything besides eating, consider removing those items as well. For example, move any clutter like stacked magazines or numerous knickknacks to another less obvious part of the house. You may want to set out some fresh flowers in a vase on the table or a China cupboard as a seasonal accent. Keep the overall effect simple but attractive and coordinate the furniture with your home’s theme.


In addition to fresh flowers, you could hang up a few pieces of wall art that will complement the room. Keep the artwork consistent with the rest of your home’s decor. Framed paintings or metal wall art could add a nice touch while small sculptures on a side table or sideboard. If you have a coffee bar, make sure it is clean and tidy.

Like other rooms in a house for sale, your dining room should be clean, fresh, and neatly organized. Take a look to see if the above tips can help.

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