Are you ready to experience the sun, sea and sand of Pattaya city but don’t know where to go or which beach to sun bathe in? Pattaya city is lined with the most pristine beaches, boasting blue water and white sand. Lots of activities take place at the beaches, whether its jet skiing, parasailing, riding the banana boat or simply lounging on beach chairs. Finding the best and less crowded beach is quite difficult considering the large amount of locals and tourists lounging by the beach.

Finding a non-crowded beach in Pattaya is almost deemed close to impossible to catch some z’s or to enjoy quiet moments with the family. Don’t be discouraged; Pattaya has some cool islands you can go to escape the loud crowds.

Top Island Beaches You Shouldn't Miss In Pattaya

Ko Larn

This is one of the main islands off Pattaya’s coast. Located 7 kilometers from the shore, this is an island where tourists flock to scuba dive, snorkel, go for short swims, laze around the beach, sun bathe and enjoy cocktails. The Ko Larn island itself is hilly in nature with the highest point at 205 meters where a Buddhist shrine sits. A day trip to Ko Larn from Pattaya pier is highly possible; after all, boat transfer takes no more than 1 hour at most. For anyone who wants to spend the night on the island, there are lodgings and restaurants available at the islands villages: Ban Ko Lan and Ban Krok Makhan.

Top Island Beaches You Shouldn't Miss In Pattaya

Ko Sak

This smaller island is located just north of Ko Larn, features a beautiful c-shaped beach and is yet another great spot for diving adventures. Just like Ko Larn, travelers could find accommodations and other basic needs at the island. You might want to also keep a special eye out for Bamboo sharks (which the locals claim are pretty shy and a rare sight), Hawksbill Turtles, seahorses and juvenile octopus; consequently this island is home to many of them.

Top Island Beaches You Shouldn't Miss In Pattaya

Ko Krok

Then there is Ko Krok which is a rocky private island just 2 kilometers east of Ko Lan. The island offers only one sandy beach and there are no accommodations on the island. The only way to get there is to charter a speedboats or one of the local Thai fishing boats. The fact that it’s a rocky island does tell you a few things in terms of the undersea view; as in, you’ll definitely want to at least snorkel or do some free diving around the island.

Top Island Beaches You Shouldn't Miss In Pattaya

Ko Phai

In Thai, Koh Phai means bamboo island. This island is under the supervision of the Royal Thai Navy and further off from Pattaya shores (around 23 kilometers). The boat ride could take 2 hours or more but is worth the trip. The lighthouse on top of the hill on the island is probably the only building on the island. There are no facilities or accommodations. Being under the care of the Royal Thai Navy, there are restrictions but swimming, snorkeling, diving and sunbathing are permitted.

Top Island Beaches You Shouldn't Miss In Pattaya

Ko Man Wichai

Ko Man Wichai is a small-size narrow island that is located about 10 kilometers south of Ko Larn. Coral reefs are shallow so snorkeling around the island already gives you a great under-the-sea experience. Diving along the famous rock formation on Ko Man Wichai, you’ll find yourself among groups of barracudas.

Top Island Beaches You Shouldn't Miss In Pattaya

Ko Hu Chang

This is yet another island great for beginner scuba divers and is one of the newest sites. Some underwater life to watch out for at Ko Hu Chang is: seahorses, snappers, butterfly fish, moray eels, stingrays, angelfish and squirrel fish.

Top Island Beaches You Shouldn't Miss In Pattaya

Ko Klung Badan

Last but not least is Ko Klung Badan which is also a good pick for beginners and great for shallow dives. Expect to see lots of parrot fish, yellow-tail fusilier and some small sand sharks. Besides shallow diving; snorkelers and free divers would find this island appealing for a great time under the sea.

Well there you go. There’s really a lot more to Pattaya than its well-known after dark excitement and a lot of sea, sand, sun and family fun waiting to be discovered. And if you are planning on a family trip, you might want to opt for international hotels such as Pullman Pattaya and Furama to make sure you have everything you need and avoid spoiling any fun.

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Ellen Damarhl loves Thailand. Since arriving in Thailand in 2005, she has always re-visited the country and its beaches. Currently she lives in Phuket where she recenly moved here from Pattaya. In her free time she teaches English to local schools and pariticipates in community volunteering projects.

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