As days come and go education keeps on advancing more and more in line with the current technology.’ Education for all’ has been a movement by the UNESCO that aim at ensuring that education is provided for all the individuals from small children through youths and adults. One of the goals of education for all movement is to attain millennium goals. We are moving from the old forms of education where children only used to learn through imaginative storytelling to practical form of education as this can be seen through the introduction of new things such as the computers. Actually this is an internet oriented generation and no person should be left behind.

Education For All: What You Need To Know

People travel to various places in search of knowledge through education. Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA) has made it easier for people who want to travel to United States via the Visa Waiver Program. ESTA has boosted the universal learning through easy access to advanced education. Eligible travelers normally apply and then pay fee for authorization. Education for all is needed today because of the following reasons.

Education is Crucial for Development

  • If we need to attain millennium goals, one thing we must usher in is education. Through education to children, youth and adults, we will be able to attain the millennium goals.
  • Education develops through improvement of standards of living. Educated people are likely to live safe and better health standards through skills that they acquire through education.
  • Education is a crucial factor in peaceful living. Dignity, justice and proper leadership all relies on education.

Education Fits all People from all Setting

  • Education for all puts it clear that no person is too young or even old to be educated. Education for all requires that all people have right to acquire skills no matter the age. Education is a continuous thing in someone’s life as long as he lives. It prepares the right path for the coming generations.

Education for Gender Equality

It is an observation that girls and women are still being discriminated in terms of education. Men are given greater chances of education than the women. A balance for this has to be maintained and we will not just achieve this through a word of mouth but by encouraging the education for all movement.

Things to know

Education for all still encounters many challenges as in many areas children still has low school turnover especially in rural areas. Its rate of growth is still slow for us to attain the goals by the year 2015.

  • Obstacles such as poverty, cultural practices, ethnicity and language barriers still draws back education for all.
  • You should also know that education for all needs your support and support from everyone else. Nations should also adapt the education for all system to her citizens. Education has got an effect in your life we should allow it to initiate and manage our lives for its positive results.

In as much as it faces many challenges it has made remarkable improvements and there is a possibility of great improvement in future.

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