It’s no secret. Google currently works on two successors for its Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL. Known until now under the code names Walleye and Taimen, smartphones could make their appearance at the beginning of October as was the case last year. So, within a few months of their formalization, we ask you what you expect from the next flagships of Google.

Launched in great pomp by Google late last year, the Pixels were the first generation of smartphones made by Google, also ending the Nexus range so much loved by Android users. With its smartphones, the firm of Mountain View was for the first time alone in command (with the help of HTC for manufacturing) to design its new generation of smartphones.

For this first attempt, Google did not get it so badly. The Pixel and Pixel XL are high-end smartphones competing with the best in the market and certainly offering one of the best possible photo experiences. As I explained during my test of the Pixel, “Apple had its iPhone. Google has now its Pixel”. More than eight months after their release, smartphones made in Google still offer the best experience that the mobile OS of Google can offer, with the guarantee to receive the latest Android updates as well as security patches.

What Do You Expect From GOOGLE'S NEXT FLAGSHIP: Google Pixel 2?

However, smartphones had some flaws, starting with their non-marketing in the hex. The pixel design was also not the most original and the finest, and it also lacks some nice features that many of its competitors offer: microSD card reader, waterproof. Despite this, smartphones have encountered a Success in the countries where they were marketed. This is the reason why Google is preparing us a second generation: Google Pixel 2.

The above has reference to the size of the screen, which would resemble the Samsung S8 with very minimal edges. In turn, a double rear camera is expected, which could achieve multiple effects as achieved by the iPhone 7 Plus.

In short this 16-megapixel camera would have different focal lengths for a wider lens and other uses. Recall that the first Pixel was one of the best cameras in the mobile market, so it is natural to bet again with a large camera for version number two of Google’s official terminal.

This year, according to the latest rumors, two models should also be launched: a large model- Google Pixel 2 XL (codenamed Taimen manufactured by LG) with a 5.99-inch AMOLED QHD display and a small model – Google Pixel 2 (codenamed Walleye) with a 4.97-inch Full-HD screen. At the level of the data sheet, the two smartphones should propose the processor Snapdragon 835 and 4 GB of RAM.

But the real question is to know what changes the users would like to see on this Pixel smartphone. I made a small list of what I care about:

  • Dual-SIM: Pixels must be able to support two SIM cards
  • A better design: Google’s design friends, be creative!
  • Sealing