Labouring or toiling as and when needed is understood no doubt but the term general labour often perplexes people who wonder how it relates to a professional working environment. It is no misnomer though. In fact, the term has been utilized in the early part of the 20th century when general labour referred to the manufacturing segment only. Times have changed though and the term now encompasses a broad spectrum of industries that use untrained work force for handling the simple tasks depending on sheer physical strength.


The term is now used extensively for all sorts of jobs that do not require specialized skills or expertise of any kind save physical capability. Almost all industries including the construction and mechanical sector along with cleaning and landscaping units pertain to general labour jobs in Toronto and the rest of the world.

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What does such a labourer do though? There is no short and sweet answer to that question. While the workforce engaged in the construction as well as the manufacturing sector are appointed on basis of their physicality, many of the jobs do not require brute force right now. On the contrary, there are a range of jobs that can be learned easily by people having a limited education. However, there are often training provided to selected workforce across industries that make them capable of being retained as assistants to a carpenter or electrician.

Many general labour jobs in Toronto encourage the staff to learn using tools meant for completing a specialized task. So you may find many general labourers handling blow torches and drills adeptly in the construction industry and learning to put up the scaffolding during times of need. The road construction crew also included the general labourers who become skilled in directing traffic while the construction is on. The learned skills are sure to make the individual capable of finding employment the next time he is looking to find gainful employment. Being able to used heavy equipments for landscaping and gardening also happens to be an added bonus for the cleaning and decoration industry.


What makes one qualified to apply for general labour jobs in Toronto then? The first condition that needs to be met is physical prowess to become a general labourer today.

  • However, it not always brute strength that works here. Instead, most employers look for hand to eye coordination as well as the ability to put in long hours without succumbing to exhaustion.
  • Being able to wield certain tools efficiently is always an added bonus though. Knowledge about the safety regulations or a certificate of having undertaken the OSHA course is likely to impress the potential employer big time.
  • True, there may not be too much of emphasis placed on academic qualifications when you are looking for general labour jobs in Toronto but it would definitely help to advance your career once you are able to produce a high school diploma.
  • The general standards of punctuality and politeness are expected at workplaces that employ general labourers too. Speaking more than one language will definitely help in moving to the top of the team if you have the added ability to convince the other members of your group.


It is important to check the requirements before getting in touch with a staffing company for hiring though. Almost every company makes use of general labourers today but simply employing the required staff without being able to put them to use is a strict no-no.

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