If you’re in charge of organising the office Christmas Party for the fifth year running, you need to start thinking of novel, creative ideas to keep things fresh. You need to keep building your reputation as someone who puts together great events for the company, so people are always excited to see what sort of party Christmas will bring around each year. This could be a major asset for the company: a reputation for great events could attract talent, and help to retain it and if you’re responsible for that reputation it’s a great bargaining chip when salary negotiations and bonuses come around.

Today we’re presenting a short guide to putting together some creative office events that your colleagues will never forget!

The Right Venue

Finding a distinctive venue is the key to creating a memorable event: this will magnify the rest of your efforts in everyone’s memories, and even if something goes wrong, people will still be impressed if you manage to host a party in part of a museum, a stately home or an exclusive gentlemen’s club.

It can be difficult to make the contacts necessary to access these exciting spaces, so a useful shortcut is to use a booking agency like Venuescanner to search for a venue that has the right capacity, the right facilities and will create memories to last a lifetime.


It’s the entertainment that will make a Christmas party – you just need to pick the right thing to make sure everyone has a great time. Booking a band gives focus to the evening, but what’s right for the occasion really depends on who’s going to be attending. If you have a smaller group of attendees who are mostly going to be interested in catching up, music may not be a great choice.

A performance from a comedian, magician or improv troupe will give your guests something to talk about as the evening goes on, and give them a unique experience no one else will get at their Christmas bash.

You could also organise games to play, whether they’re traditional parlour games or a scavenger hunt across the local area, which will give people something to remember long into the new year.

If you have a smaller group to entertain and want to push the boat out a little, you could try booking an escape room – these are increasingly popular, and offer a team building opportunity as well as a great Christmas treat.

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