Digha is undoubtedly “the beach” in West Bengal, but like Puri in Orissa, it’s another popular destination for the beach lovers in the eastern India, it is reeling under the crowd pressure. To combat with this crowd pressure, the original Digha beach gradually moved what is now being called New Digha, 3 km from where the crowd used to get down, 20 years back. However, even New Digha doesn’t offer the solitude you might want while walking on the beach. If you are a solitude lover, you should check out some neighbouring beaches which remain unexplored, to an extent. When planning your Digha hotel booking, you should look for a hotel which is near, at least, one of these beaches, instead of central Digha.

Talsari Beach

It is in Orissa but did you know Digha is not far from Orissa and the roads are in pristine condition? Thus, it will take you only 4 hours to reach Talsari beach. Talsari in Oriya and Bengali mean row of palm (trees) and this beach justifies the name. This beach gives a spectacular view of the sea and the palm trees swaying can really turn you poetic. This is much safer a beach to go swimming as well, thanks to its more tranquil water. If not, you can settle down on the sands and enjoy the sun and the breeze. You should visit this beach with ample time to relax and enjoy what it offers.

Udaipur Beach

Udaipur is another beach which is technically in Orissa. However, if you like serenity and tranquillity and want to avoid crowd during your vacation, this is another less trodden destination. Just stay still and idly watch the day pass away. This beach perhaps offers the clearest water among them all. You can go as deep as your waist and still see your feet. You can swim here as well because the water is comparatively calmer at Udaipur. 

Shankarpur Beach

Shankarpur beach is the nearest to Digha and you can visit it from Digha for a day and come back in the evening easily. You can keep that in mind during your Digha hotel booking. The scenery is simply scintillating and the water is calm and clear. While I said that for all the three beaches, Shankarpur is a major hub for fishing and the fish market here is bigger and more diverse than the Digha fish market even. You can easily roam around those parked fishing trawlers and click photographs or visit the fish market and find fishes at amazingly cheap prices. 

Mandarmani Beach

Among all the ones mentioned here, this beach is the tourist favourite and it is quickly becoming the new Digha. However, this beach has some original charms still left and this is the beach where you can find all the modern facilities and amenities. You can find super luxury resorts so you might want to cancel your Digha hotel booking if you plan to come to Mandarmani. If you are a big fan of the adventure sports on the beach, this is the place to go. You can go paragliding or drive/ride an All Terrain Vehicle (ATV), go skiing or ride a banana boat to the deep sea and those are nice experiences. You should visit the delta, called Mohona locally, where the rivers meet the sea. 

Chandipur Beach

Yet, another beach which is geographically in Orissa, and which is close to Digha. You can take a bus or even a train from Digha station to reach this stunning beach. The beach is full of horseshoe crabs which are nothing to be afraid of. You can enjoy watching them playing on the sands, hurriedly hiding when you approach them. You would be surprised to watch the bay during ebb tide when the waterline recedes by 5 km! You should take advantage of that and walk on the seabed during the ebb. Ask your local hotel for the timing and they will happily oblige.

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