The corporate life can lead to an existential crisis. Is there any end to the meetings, the targets, the graphs and the sales reports? Does life really revolve around complex excel sheets and disobedient printers? This is why road trips exist. Travelling is the bridge that connects the hard-working urban dweller to the beautiful world outside. And there is no better way to enjoy a road trip than on one’s own terms, which is why having a car rental app on the phone is a great idea.

Privacy and Freedom

There are many reasons why renting a self drive car is the best way to enjoy a road trip. One can have complete privacy so that romantic trip for two to Ooty will be romantic all the way. The extra space is a blessing for those travelling in groups. Privacy is appreciated by female travellers, whether travelling solo or in a bunch.

What is a road trip without unplanned detours and stops? With a chauffeured cab, it can get pretty awkward to request stops along the way. In a rented car, travellers can enjoy changing routes and checking out local landmarks that are enroute to the eventual destination.

Drive India’s Best Cars

Getting a chance to drive the latest cars in the market can be the icing on the cake during a road trip. Top car rentals offer the widest range of vehicles – no questions asked. Different journeys will require different rides and car rental customers enjoy a larger spectrum of options compared to regular cab services. The weekend escapade to the forests of Coorg may require a mighty SUV while that family trip from Delhi to Jaipur can be enjoyed in a compact hatchback.

Car Owners Love Rentals Too

Many smart car owners prefer renting self drive cars for longer, adventurous drives. Many have vehicles that are meant for city driving rather than journeys into mountains and deserts. Renting a sturdy SUV is a better option as it ensures a comfortable journey.

Explore New Places

When landing in a new city, a car rental provides the perfect end-to-end transport solution. Instead of figuring out local public transport or haggling with greedy auto-drivers, a rented car provides an unfussy and comfortable way to experience a new place.

Choosing the best Rentals

When choosing a rental provider there are a few things to consider – cost, convenience, choice and security. Zoomcar is a popular car rental app with services in more than 30 cities in India. Affordable plans have made it the favoured option for long journeys and registered users can book a car within a few seconds. Travellers get a chance to drive their favourite cars and try new ones – the available fleet includes the latest models of hatchbacks, sedans, SUVs and even luxury vehicles. 24/7 on-road support and all-India permits are very important assurance as they result in a hassle-free journey.

The diverse destinations of India with their cultural and natural treasures beckon the curious traveller. All it takes is some planning and a few taps on the smart phone for an unforgettable road trip to begin.

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