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What are Strip Doors?

Have you ever seen a door made from a series of PVC strips hanging in an overlapping fashion from the top of the doorway? These are called strip doors and they’re often used in places where there is a lot of machine or foot traffic – places where doors would be awkward and difficult to open/close.
This type of door, also sometimes called a strip curtain, are usually made out of a clear material for the sake of safety. There are other varieties, made with ribbed stripping, which can be more durable in areas where forklifts may be going back and forth, causing scratching and a lot of movement. If you’re working in areas that are refrigerated, polar grades may work well.
If you really are concerned about conserving energy, strip doors can be an added bonus. There are some especially cool benefits to consider:

  • Strip doors can act as noise barriers, creating a quieter work atmosphere for your employees.
  • Strip doors help to prevent heat loss, making them cost effective while saving you money on your utilities.
  • Strip doors help you to control your work environment by controlling hot and cold air. They also help to keep air born pollutants from moving from one work area to the other while still allowing ventilation in a room.
  • Strip doors help to prevent fires because they’re made out of a special type of noncombustible PVC. It’s self extinguishing and flexible in nature.
  • This type of doorway is easy to install and is even easier to repair. You can replace segments individually, if needed, which saves a lot of money. They can be used in a lot of different atmospheres, making them your most adaptable option.
  • This type of doorway helps with visibility. This decreases your odds of injury in the workplace, therefore lowering your workers compensation claims and premiums. You can also have the doors installed in different colors to indicate the type of area a person is entering.

Strip doors can be used in a wide variety of commercial and industrial atmospheres. They can be used to mark the entrances to freezers, coolers, conveyors, and loading docks. They can be used to create animal openings, cleaning rooms, and noise protection. They can also be used to protect your shipping and receiving rooms from the elements during deliveries. They eliminate the need for complicated door structures and door sweeps while allowing easy access to the places your workers need most.
It doesn’t matter what type of business you own – whether it’s a dairy bottling plant, concert venue, or even a hospital. Consider this type of door configuration where applicable.

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