Most millennial recycle less, throw away more and splurge on non-recyclable items, a new survey shows.The online survey questioned 500 people – most of them young Americans between the ages of 18 and 24 – about lifestyle choices that would help reduce the carbon footprint and make the planet greener. When the numbers came in, they revealed that many of those polled were indifferent towards environment-friendly activities- few cared about cycling to save fuel or being a part of recycling groups. We definitely have a long way to go to really make a difference!
Here’s more on what the survey revealed.

Driving Trumps Cycling

Most of those polled (84 percent) preferred driving rather than cycling when it came to short distance travel. Even though cycling is an economical mode of travel, not many prefer to use it. A report by The Christian Science Monitor pegs savings of almost $9000 if you pedal to work. Reduction in fuel emissions and better health are just some of the many reasons you should start biking to work, says Business Insider.
Are You Making A Difference To The Planet?

Overload Of Unwanted Items In The Trash Can

Chucking old stuff in the garbage bin rather than reusing it is what most respondents said they do. More than 80 percent of people said they don’t reuse old items. Reusing doesn’t involve altering a product and requires no extra efforts. Donate your old clothes to charity or hold a garage sale, says the California Resource Recovery Association. Here are some more reusing tips for businesses by Green Plus. Reusing can help prevent landfills and incinerators from being overfilled with products that can be used more than once.Next time you think of throwing away an old item, think again!

Shopping For Recyclable Items Is Not Very Popular

Everyone loves shopping, but how many of us actually check if an item is recyclable before purchase? Not many, reveals the survey. Most prefer buying non-recyclable items while only 16 percent said they would pick items that are recyclable. Buying recyclable items helps the planet as it keeps the recycling process in motion. Go online to get a list of recyclable materials compiled by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Going shopping? Check to see if what you buy can be recycled.

3 In 4 People Don’t Recycle Unused Plastic Or Metal

Only 22 percent of respondents said they recycle plastic or metal items while the majority didn’t. Recycling plastics and metals helps reduce waste in our landfills and save energy. What’s more, recycling scrap metal can earn you money! SIMS Metal Management has units all over the country that buy scrap metal from individuals as well as businesses. Find a unit near to where you’re located and earn some extra income.

Few Have Thought Of Becoming Active Recyclers

The survey clearly reveals that we need more flag-bearers for recycling. A whopping 83 percent did not show interest in joining recycling initiatives or even supporting the cause. Recycling groups like the National Recycling Coalition, Keep America Beautiful and Zero Waste America are some of the popular ones in the country.These groups run local recycling programs and participation in such programs can be fun and exciting.  If there isn’t one already running in your community, how about starting your own? Here are the EPA guidelines for starting your own recycling program.
The survey draws attention to the fact that recycling awareness is lacking among many people. We are still a long way off from achieving the recycling rates of Japan whose plastic waste recycling rate stands at 77 percent, according to Earth911.
Small lifestyle changes can leave a big mark in the planet we live in. Cycling over driving, reusing over throwing away, buying recyclable items over non-recyclable- these are some of the choices that Gen Yers can make for a greener planet.From reducing pollution to energy conservation, the benefits of recycling are plenty, says the EPA. Why not recycle more and make a difference?

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