Leaving for vacation? Did you consider what’s going to happen to your car while you are away? When planning your trip don’t forget to plan for a car storage unit in order to keep your car running and in mint condition.

A storage unit for a car presents multiple benefits:

1) Keeps the battery from going flat: When your car sits without movement for a long period of time, eventually the car battery runs out of juice. This will result in you having to jump start the car once you return and potentially going to a car shop. Avoid this inconvenience by placing your car in a professional and well equipped storage unit. The storage unit supervisor will run your battery every so often in order to maintain its functionality.

Place Your Car In A Storage Unit While Going On Vacation

2) Keeps the exterior and interior in pristine condition: Keeping your car parked outside or in a locked away non-climate controlled garage risks damage and rusting to the exterior paint and interior will start to fade. Once the rust settles in to the car exterior it will be extremely hard to get rid of it and will require a lot of work and expenses. Avoid unnecessary spending by putting your car in a climate controlled storage unit.

3) Keeps it dust free: Dust can be as damaging as rust. Dust can clog up your engine which will result in poor combination of the fluids resulting in you having to go to the car garage and flushing your engine.

4) Cheapest and safest option: Renting a storage unit is a cheaper and safer option of leaving your car while you are away. Rent of a storage unit will not cost you more than a pair of Nike shoes but gives the benefits of private security, care for your car as well as pickup and delivery services. If you are afraid of car theft, placing your car in a storage unit will eliminate that problem. A specially equipped storage unit has double security with guards and security systems in place. Your car is secure and well kept.

Remember plan for placing your car in a storage unit if you’re leaving for more than two weeks. Choose a storage unit that has good online review and licenses. Visit the storage unit site and see what happens to other cars. Use independent review sites such as MoveSouq.com to view customer reviews and request for quotes. In the end of the day, don’t go cheap, choose quality.

This article was provided by MoveSouq.com, an online portal that helps people in the UAE get quotes from storage facilities in Dubai: https://movesouq.com/storage

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