As every place has some popular and famous food which is unique in its taste and has some historical facts associated with it relevant to that place, same is true for Russia as well. The Russian cuisine is as diverse as the Russia is in its area. It is due to multiplicity of cultures prevalent in different parts of Russia. The basis of Russian cookery was led by the peasant food of the pastoral population. The Russian cuisine is characterized by the poultry, berries, rye, barley, millet, honey, mushrooms, fish, pancakes, beer, cereals, breads and vodka. Now let us discuss about some of chief foods in the Russian cuisine in details.


Soups have always been an important part of Russian meals from times unknown. Some of the traditional soups of Russia are rassolnik, ukha, okroshka, shchi, borscht, tyurya and many more.   Soups are taken by Russians in the form of puree, stews or clear soups. There are seven different categories of Russian soups including chilled soups, noodle soups, light soups, thick soups, cabbage-based soups, grain and vegetable soups, and fish soups.

Main Dishes in Russian Cuisine

The most important and chief dish in any Russian meal is the meat. Meat can be prepared by three different methods including a large boiled piece of meat cooked in a soup or porridge, offal dishes such as liver or tripe baked in pots along with cereals and complete fowl dishes or parts of fowl such as legs or breasts or even a piece of meat baked on a baking tray in an oven. Some other types of meat which are prepared by different methods include Kholodets, Pelmenim, Kotlety, and Shashlyk.


It was also an important part of meals and especially on Fridays in pre-revolutionary period when meat was completely prohibited. Only freshwater fishes were eaten.

What Do You Want To Know About Russian Cuisines?

Pies and Pancakes

These are also popular cuisines in Russia. These are small-sized stuffed buns which are made from yeast dough or short pastry. These are prepared by baking or shallow-frying method and are filled with different materials. The fillings of the Russian pies of pancakes are always completely cooked which makes them even more delicious. Using chopped hard-boiled eggs is another unique feature of these pies.

These pancakes or pies are mostly stuffed with six different types of fillings such as rice and boiled eggs with dill, chopped boiled meat mixed with sautéed onions, sautéed cabbage, and mashed potatoes mixed with dill and green onion, sautéed mushrooms with chopped onions and carrots, and fish sautéed with onions and mixed with hard-boiled chopped eggs and rice.

Vegetables in Russian Cuisine

The chief vegetables in Russian cuisine include potatoes, tolerant greens, cabbage, rutabagas, cucumbers, pickling cabbage, pickled apples plus some other fruits. Mostly vegetables rich in vitamins are used in the Russian cuisines.


Some of the native drinks of Russia include vodka, medovukha, kvass, Mors, and sbiten. Out of these some are alcoholic and some are non-alcoholic in nature. The alcoholic beverages of Russia are stevlenniy myod, Scandinavian mead, beer, and wine. Some non-alcoholic beverages are also popular in Russia. These are Kvass, Sbiten, Mors, tea, and coffee.

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