It is evident that food trucks that is considered as 75 gourmet-style restaurant on wheels is increasing in number as they usually offer convenient and comparatively cheap food. Although one can find a long queue before the trucks at lunch, a survey revealed that almost 41% of these trucks do not maintain food safety rules and lead the customers at threat of food poisoning. The report also recorded that most of the food trucks that are alleged for the violation of the safety rule arrived in the streets of Boston almost two years ago.
The report also stated that during this period of two years, nine incidents of food violation was noted that even led to the cancellation of the permit of the truck until the source of the problems could be resolved.
Food TrucksPermit of one of the trucks of Roxy’s Gourmet Grilled Cheese restaurant was cancelled twice in the last two years. Reviewers found that French fries served in this truck was cooked incompletely and stored at room temperature.
Permit of the Dining Car was also suspended twice in last one year as the inspectors found that they have failed to offer water for the workers to wash their hands. Moreover, it was said that they did not keep their chicken in the proper cold temperature.
In the past 13 months, a number of food trucks are charged for not maintaining food safety. Benny’s Crepe Café, Chubby Chickpea Mobile, Clover Truck, The Taco Truck, Clover truck and the list goes on. According to the source, the number of suspension was quite higher for the food trucks than the food chains and restaurants of the city.
A consultant of food safety of Boston, Lisa Berger stated that food trucks have to follow the same standards of the restaurants in order to maintain good hygiene and required temperature control. She then admitted that in a space of 24 feet by 8 feet the task was quite difficult and almost impossible. She also added that improper food storage and lack of water supply are the two greatest challenges the food trucks face in order to maintain proper safety rules.
The assistant commissioner of Inspectional Services Department, Charles Cook expressed that their department executes the task of inspecting food trucks and restaurants and also allows permit, opines that the person in charge of the truck should have proper training to maintain the operation properly and safely. He even informed that they conduct surprise inspection at least once in year in the trucks. In case, the trucks that have previous records of violation of rules usually checked for three times a year. Cook also informed that it is of utmost necessity to maintain the proper temperature of the trucks as any violation of this temperature allows the bacteria to grow.
A consultant of Florida food safety, Roy Costa opined that due to several mechanical problems, the task of operating these food trucks safely has become more complicated. It is remarkable that only 10 food trucks have passed all of the checking and most strikingly most of these trucks usually sell cookies, cupcakes and frozen treats.

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