It is symbolic to note that from the black and white Panda and Penguin Algorithms, Google has put more color in search engine with the introduction of the hummingbird algorithm. As it is specifically tasked as a search algorithm, it is said to be putting more sense in the Google searches.  How? It makes use of the vital information searchers include which will give better and meaningful results. “Conversational searches” is considered as one of the best example since it gives more details of what searchers really wants to get. Take for example a search that contains this phrase “What is the nearest store to buy iPhone products when in El Camino Real, San Bruno, California?” Normally, searchers just type “iPhone sold in San Bruno” or just “Buy iPhone”.

In Summary, What Really Is the Hummingbird Algorithm?

Google has considered it as an algorithm that focuses on every word of the query to ensure that the resulting page will match the meaning of the query and not just give pages that matches certain words.
Though this algorithm will only have a minimal impact projected at around 1 percent from searches, this is still considered as a step towards rewarding those high quality sites for their SEO efforts.
It should be noted that the Hummingbird algorithm is not a replacement of the earlier versions instead it is the totality of the ranking engine. The Penguin will function to complement the search engine to give a much better result.

A More Colorful Hummingbird Is The Next Generation Algorithm; Complemented By Penguin 2.1 Can Make Searches More Rewarding

Understanding the Algorithms

Algorithm is an official term used as basis for Google to classify the vast web pages based on the information searchers type to give out the best answer. Search engine optimization is the effort of sites makes particularly in its individual pages easily accessible and crawlable to searches. These include doing keyword researches in order to ensure that such words are in the site pages. However, there are others who are violators of these guidelines set by the Google’s webmasters. Sites pursuing high traffic or rankings use certain techniques that will not be beneficial to the users such as keyword stuffing. These sites with shortcuts profits from this activity as they will be ranked higher that they truly deserved. The algorithms introduced aims to catch this abnormal or “black hat” techniques.
The Panda and Penguin and other algorithm updates are focused on these violations but focuses on certain variations to the parts of the original algorithm and is not a total replacement. It can best be compared to an old motor that changes only its parts to make it function more effectively.

Comparison: the Panda and Penguin with the Hummingbird Algorithm.

The Penguin and Panda being a part of the old algorithm is considered in our comparison as parts of the original motor. Hummingbird is a new set of motor that makes use of some old part which is the Panda and the Penguin to make it work perfectly. It may seem unusual to have a new motor that uses old parts, but if such parts have proven to be good and effective, then there is no need to throw them away.

Penguin 2.10 update

The latest update of Penguin numbered as 2.10, is an adjustment to the existing penguin algorithms in the area of evaluation which is now on the site pages. Though this update is just a minimal shift, many are expected to be affected. Before, it is only in the home page and the targeted links that were being scrutinized, if sites are violating the webmaster’s guidelines in their pages. Now, they are up for a tough time.


It is nice to note that the hummingbird algorithm will surely make search efforts more rewarding since users will be able to get better and more accurate results. That is instead of being linked to sites that will confuse them and eat up most of their time. Together with this the Penguin 2.10 will complement the Hummingbird algorithm to make searches at this time an enjoyable and colorful experience for everyone.
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