Guest posting or guest posts are used to writing an original and unique article to publish on a different blog or website in order to get backlinks, traffic, and link juice. The Guest Posting strategy is a standard off-page SEO strategy for advertising, but above all for backlinks. It involves the company reaching other web pages and offering to create content to put on their web pages, preferably from the same/similar niche. Most of the site owners ask to write high-quality blog content, and in return, they give one or more than one backlink to your web pages. The more you build relations with people in your industry, the better opportunities you have for guest posting.

Is guest posting strategy dead?

It doesn’t matter, whether you have a new or experienced blog, to grow your audience you need creative strategies. Since it is important to have unique, consistent and high-quality content on your own blog, readers can find backlinks. It certainly helps to share through social media and on online forums, but this is no guarantee that visitors are captivated and accessed. However, guest posting was a proven approach to make your niche recognizable and to appeal to your blog readers. Many think the posting of guests is outdated. But the truth is that the benefits from guest posting strategy are not dead–it’s alive and thriving. Although the content of quality may be the best way to make it happen, these three reasons help to understand why guest posting is still alive, not dead.

  1. New like-minded readers get value from guest posting.
  2. It shows your blog in the corresponding search results.
  3. Establish a strong connection to leading bloggers.

The Best Guest Posting Strategy

In recent years guest blogging has been extremely popular, with bloggers capable of building a good reputation, presenting their brand to new audiences, gaining hundreds or thousands of loyal new readers, and expanding their SEO metrics. However, high-quality guest blogging opportunities can sometimes be difficult to find, although some services such as seem to provide easy access to many high quality authority blogs for guest posting. And even if you find worthy ones, your approach and your involvement can make or break your opportunity to publish your work successfully. Below are important factors for guest blogging, the various blog uncovering strategies for accepting guest submissions and a step-by-step approach to making your contribution.

Finding quality blog

Guest blogging is intended to reach the widest audience possible. So, on any random blog, you don’t want to publish guest posts. The biggest, most popular and most important blogs in your niche are what you are looking for. You might have some ideas of which blogs fall under this category if you have been blogging for a while or if you’re regular blog readers.

It is important that a blog with professional design and rich content is created before you can submit guest posts. The niche of the website which you are approaching should topically fit into your site. Popular blogs accept multiple posts a day, and the first thing content editors can do is check the quality of your blog. They would like to know who you are, what your credentials are if your writing style fits their audience, and what unique information or insights can you offer. That is why content should always be of the highest quality on your blog. You never know who reads you and who judges you.

The critical data you always need is just a click away from the Internet Age. Run a search for “Most Influent Blogs “or “Most Popular Blog Niches “in Google and you’ll have hundreds of paths. For example, your search may include when searching for opportunities to blog guests within your keyword:

  1. Keyword + “Submit a guest post”
  2. Keyword + “guest post”
  3. Keyword + “write for us”
  4. Keyword + “guest article”
  5. Keyword + “contribute to this site”
  6. Keyword + “guest blogger”
  7. Keyword + “Become a guest writer”
  8. Keyword + “become a contributor”
  9. Keyword + “write for us”
  10. Keyword + “write for me”