It is a common fact that people regularly use skin care products, nearly each day. However, each person has different skin characteristics and end results are often different. Often, one product fails to provide us the result we expect, because our skin isn’t really designed for it. However, there are also possibilities that we are using the product improperly and also, some products simply don’t work as advertised. In reality, skin care products like lotions, gels and creams are made of different chemicals that will result in biological actions. The effectiveness could depend on whether specific active ingredients could work well for us. The penetrating power of the product is also essential, as well as environment, hydration and temperature. These factors will determine whether these skin products will have optimal effectiveness. There are things that we should do to use skin products properly. As an example, we should properly cleanse the skin before the product is applied. In general, skin products should be applied immediately after we take a warm shower.

How to Use Skin Care Products Properly

Warm and moist skin will be able to absorb skin products better. If we want to rinse our face, we should also use warm water to release dirt and other particles from our skin along with the skin product. However, if we want to close pores, then we need to splash cool water on our face and this will prevent oily products from blocking open pores. Also, our skin will not get any kind benefit from higher level of chlorine in the water. We should use filtered water or bottled drink water to wash our face. It should be noted chlorinated water that we use for showering won’t do any good to our skin, so we also need to put filter on the shower head. When cleaning our face, we shouldn’t use standard soap, because it could make the more delicate skin on our face drier. In some cases, plain warm water and skin cleanser isn’t enough to clean our skin. A thick layer of dead, dry skin cells could prevent skin care products from penetrating and it may be a good idea for us to get a microdermabrasion session.

When the dead, outer layer is removed safely, we would reveal a younger-looking, healthier skin. It also means that various skin care products can be absorbed much more easily. When performed regularly, microderabrasion should be able to strengthen our skin, because the production of collagen and elastin is stimulated. It would also be easier to diminish acne scars, fine lines and wrinkles. When using these skin products, we should gently message our skin. We could also tap our skin to improve the penetration. It’s essential to read and follow direction carefully. Achieving that 10-year-younger look will require some effort and it can’t be achieve overnight. Some products could erase fine wrinkles from our face, so it’s a good idea to use them properly. For people with sensitive skin, it is important to choose some special products.

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