Bacteria and viruses have always troubled human beings under all circumstances, and when it’s the mouth that is being spoken of, the risks of it being affected remains maximum. Health experts and physicians have stated that there are definitely some bacteria living and nurturing in human bodies naturally, and it is indeed needed for the existence of human beings as well. Not all bacteria are harmful, but those which stay in the mouth in the form of plaque, leads to cavities and gingivitis, leading to periodontal disease. In order to keep the mouth clean, an individual must have healthy daily habits, and this oral hygiene helps in providing a better life in the days ahead.

Why People Consider Plaque As The Greatest Threat To Oral Hygiene

While asked to brief about plaque Oliver Griffel, the renowned dentist of the modern days says, plaque is nothing but a sticky layer of material which contains the bacteria which gets automatically accumulated on teeth, including those specific corners where the toothbrushes can’t reach. There are many foods eaten in daily life which cause the bacteria in the mouth to produce acids. The sugary foods are obviously the most common sources of plaque, but there are some foods which carry out with their decaying of enamels and gums without much exposure. Starches which are most likely in bread, crackers, and cereal are most commonly the prime source of acid. Plaque even results in producing items that irritate the gums, making them red, sensitive, and susceptible to bleeding. Such conditions often lead to gum diseases where the gums pull away from the teeth and form pockets that in due course of time gets filled up with bacteria and other harmful micro organisms. If these conditions are not treated with emergency, then the bones surrounding the teeth remain susceptible to decay, and either gets loose or needs to be removed completely.

Dentists and oral health experts have always recommended brushing to be the safest way to take care of the plaque.  Studies have shown how brushing twice a day with soft bristled tooth brushes can help in removing the plaque from the surfaces. Even the shape and size of the tooth brushes must be selected so that it easily fits in mouth and can reach all those farthest corners quite easily. And as far as the tooth paste is concerned, using the antimicrobial one containing fluoride is considered to be the best, as it helps to protect the teeth from decay.

Oral hygiene is essential since it has direct impact on the entire health of human beings. While human beings might find it difficult to relate, experts like Oliver Griffel even says that critical health issues like heart attack and cerebral palsy has a deep down relation with the oral hygiene as well. It is not a mere coincidence, that people have suddenly been so worried about the good oral habits. It is a good thing, that these extensive research works have done had a positive impact in human beings, and that promises the world to lead to a healthier place in the days ahead.

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