PHP hosting has been with us since over a decade now. PHP was the server side programming language that made advanced websites and is still the most used server language of the world. It can be used to control the backend of your website among other things. PHP hosts also take advantage of the many new updates that are regularly introduced. More info on PHP hosting can be found here PHP Hosting  Reviews.

Since updates are released and people keep on inventing new things in PHP, the language just keeps getting better. It gets the best content from the world’s best programmers –the language is easy to learn and flexible. Most graduates try getting jobs in PHP programming; hence there are always people developing upon it for constant improvements. Because competition is high, most PHP hosts try to offer the best that they can to their customers. And that is why websites that use PHP hosting services perform a bit better than others. Here are the top five reasons why PHP is still so dominating

1. Performance

You can create almost anything in PHP, which will work with your website, if it can be supported by your host server. In terms of performance, this is great because everything is direct. There is no third party involved – PHP can communicate directly with the servers – giving it incredible speed. Speed is necessary to stream videos or placing high resolution images on your website.

2. Stability

Websites created through PHP are stable and can use PHP hosting to their advantage. The host can make the website so stable, using PHP utilities that the website may never fail. This, however, depends on how good your PHP host is. PHP is a secure language with reliable error handling.

3. Customization

This is probably the best thing about PHP; it allows users to create anything they want for their website. It has a huge variety of libraries that users can install, and almost all PHP hosts support them. Some PHP hosts offer custom libraries, which can enhance parts of your website, especially if you’re given a dedicated server. If you have a good website developer, he/she might be able to create plugins to boost performance. Most plugins can work along with your PHP host.

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4. Support Teams

You can find a plenty of PHP developers and coders in the market. Getting support for your website will be easy, even if your PHP hosting service does not provide it. Of course the price of any support team depends on the service that it offers; however, you can find cheap PHP developers, quite easily.

5. Multiple Platforms

PHP hosting can never get old because PHP developers keep adding more stuff. There are a number of different PHP platforms that can be used to create a website – you have many approach options. Just do a bit of research to find which platform will work best for your website.