Teenage is a very difficult time for everyone. Many parents find out that their young teen, who was once a very cheerful, playful, happy and a successful kid has suddenly changed to a disrespectful, surly and defiant kid. The whole personality of their kid changes like he starts spending a lot of time in his locked room, communicates less with family members, wears sloppy clothes, always sleepy and red eyes. If parents ask for an explanation for these changes, it only turns into a fight or arguments, which parents cannot win with their young teen.

These changes are an obvious signs that the teenager is now changed and is probably under the influence of drugs. As parents you do plead, beg, cry, scold and threaten your kids to stop doing what they are doing and come back to the right path again. In most cases, these things don’t work. According to statistics the most affected group of substance abuse are the teenagers. They are in an age where they like to experience new things and just for the sake of trying end up doing substance abuse. As parents you must know few main reasons that lead your kid towards substance abuse. Some of them are mentioned below for your knowledge:-

  • Your kid is just trying to find a place where he can fit in –

Many teenagers feel lonely and they think that they are different from their other friends. In search of a more comfortable atmosphere kids start using drugs. All you need to do is buy and do drugs once, and then you are officially in the group. They get to have people around who like to do the same things and feel the same way they do.

  • Once in, do not know how to get out –

As mentioned earlier, this is an age where teenagers like to try everything and experience new things. Many teenagers just try drugs to experience the high or any other feeling their friends have been talking about. Most of the time, drugs have a high tolerance level in human’s body and it becomes difficult for kids to get out of it, even if they want to.

  • Self medicating –

Teenagers are shy and feel that nobody will understand their problems. Many kids use drugs because they feel that the substance make them feel better. They believe that any problem or pain they have is relived by the substance they are taking. Kids who were under influence for this reason were given proper medication for their issues in Residential drug rehab San Diego and they didn’t use drugs since.

Boring lifestyle –

During teenage, many kids feel that their life is very boring and they do not have anything exciting to do. For the sake of excitement they try substance and then get hooked on to it.

As parents all you need to do communicate with your teenager in these crucial years and look for any signs that can prove substance abuse.

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