Every day we see so many people complaining that they got robbed even after installing multiple security systems in their homes. Not all of them are lying. People do get robbed even after investing in security systems. But the question is why does this happen? The answer is simple; these people buy cheap Chinese made security systems that ultimately fail at providing them the necessary security cover. In a bid to save some money, people often make this mistake. In this article we will discuss why it might be a bad idea to purchase made in china security systems for your home.

  • Cheap Electronics:

Have you ever wondered why Apple I phones are so expensive? The reason is that even though they are not assembled in the United States, their design and manufacturing supervision comes directly from the United States of America. Made in U.S.A means, you don’t have to worry about the quality of the product. On the other hand, a made in china product is almost always falling short on the quality scale. Chinese manufacturers cut the manufacturing cost by using cheap electronics.

  • Generic Designs and Software:

Some security systems such as biometric sensors require premium hardware and top notch error free software to function efficiently. But Chinese products feature low quality hardware coupled with generic software. If you have a Chinese biometric security system, try to hack it or fool it. Do some random testing and compare the results with a made in America product. Please understand that in case of security systems, even a failure of rate of 1:1000 is considered bad enough. Think about it from the robbers perspective, even with a failure rate of 1:1000, all he needs is to get lucky once in a thousand attempts.

  • No Warranty:

You must have heard it from those who have used Chinese products in the past, they always say that a Chinese product works till it works and then it just shuts down without warning. It is true that a Chinese product can work for years without any problems, but it is also equally true that most of them stop functioning without any understandable reason. In a documented case, a house got robbed because its driveway alarm failed to function; of course it was made in china. This happens because of flawed design. What’s even worse is that you don’t get any warranty on Chinese products. This means that you will not have any option but to buy a new one. So indirectly you end up losing more money than you saved by buying a cheap product in the first place.

Daniel Baker originally wrote and published various online contractor directories. In 2005 he took his lifetime interest in Alarm systems and created his first website SpecialtyAlarms.com. He is now dba EZ CyberQuest Inc.