Buildings and monuments require proper cleaning along with waterproofing in order to avoid deterioration and undesirable deformation. Although, some methods like sandblasting and using acids can prove to be useful in few conditions but are not suitable for all cases.  The cleaning of a building is done for various purposes like enhancing its appearance, to eliminate the harmful effects of pollutants and to develop public relations.


There are few things you need to consider before starting to clean a building or a monument so that your cleaning actions do not affect them in a negative way:

  • The techniques you are going to use for cleaning must not be improper. You must do professional diagnosis as well as use special chemicals and pressure washing for cleaning.
  • You can gain information from professional websites and contact them if you want to understand something or have a query.
  • The use of water repellant or a sealer must be put off until and unless you face some difficult issues.
  • Have information on the type of bricks you are going to clean as different bricks require different methods of cleaning.
  • Role of water in damaging bricks of a building, especially porous masonry.


The cleaning of a building is usually done by using water, chemical cleaners, and mechanical abrasives. The first one softens the hold of pollutants and dirt on the bricks, the second one reacts with them and the last one uses abrasion method and removes the dirt particles by rinsing with water. There are certain aspects that you need to take into account, if you want to clean the buildings properly.

Environmental concerns are of high importance here and you need to study the nature of chemical cleaners and mechanical abrasives so that you are aware of their effects on plants and animals. Personal safety consideration is also required here as you should be well-informed about the after-effects of the methods you are going to use and the possibilities of injuries caused by them.

Other aspects that need full attention are cleaning methods and their testing so that you know their effectiveness, potential dangers, and the safety level they provide to the buildings. Also, you should have a defined cleaning budget so that you can test different methods efficiently and satisfactorily.


You should first know the nature of a building’s bricks before opting for waterproofing or coating. You also need to know about the roof type before waterproofing that with the help of Rockland County roofing contractors. There are various buildings which are perfectly fine without the waterproofing and do not need it to last for a long period of time. In various cases the coating or proofing will allow the water to seep in and cause damage to the building interiors and exteriors.

There are different types of coatings that can cause harm to buildings like waterproof coatings, water repellent coatings, etc. Both of them can lead to some serious deterioration of buildings, which will be further enhanced by weather conditions, water phenomenon like vapor and condensation, etc.

It would probably be better to hire one of the professional brick cleaning services in London as they have the required expertise, knowledge, and experience which can help you to restore buildings and clean them in a way that you exactly want.  They know what chemicals and methods to use and what not to use which can restore the buildings to their former grandeur.

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