Lucknow is the heart of Uttar Pradesh which is known for its awadh cuisines. If you have ever visited lucknow then you can’t resist to taste the delicacies of the city. Lucknowi cuisines have been popular all round the world since the time of the mughal emperors who were die-heart fans of the various mughlai dishes which originated in Lucknow. Since, this city once belonged to the mughal emperors who were very choosy about the food. Thus, khansame, the cook who prepared food for the emperors, were instructed to prepare the royal food which filled the mouth with water from its aroma and tastes.

There are many restaurants in Lucknow out of which many have been established more than 100 years ago and at present also, they are in the business of serving the delicious food to the Lucknowites. If you are in Lucknow, you do not have to put more effort in locating the best restaurants in the city, you can simply take help from the website Zomato to get the list of the top restaurants in Lucknow.  You can even use zomato coupons to get discounts on booking the table.

Enjoying the Mughlai Taste

If you are fond of non vegetarian dishes, then you get lots of options in Lucknow. Among those, the first restaurant in the list is Tundey Kababi. This restaurant is operating for more than 100 years in lukcnow and has been renowned for the delicious beef kababs. This restaurant has first started in Chowk area and later many branches of Tundey Kababi are operating in Lucknow. In addition to the kabab shops, there are various chicken and mutton biryani restaurants in Lucknow. Some other restaurants are “the Mughals’ Dastarkhawn, Oudhyana, Naushijaan, barbeque nation and many more.

Restaurants for the Vegetarians

Though, there are millions of non vegetarians in the city, the vegetarian cuisines are equally preferred by the people of Lucknow and those who arrive at Lucknow. Ram asary and Radhey Bhog is the famous sweetshop in the Lucknow where you will find more than hundred kinds of sweets. Various national and international food chains have also opened up their restaurants in the city.  There is a food chain of Mc Donald’s, KFC, Subway, Aryans’ Delight and many more.  If you want to taste the full cream ice-cream called Kulfi, then you should visit Moti Mahal and Prakash Kulfi. Hotel Taj is the pride of Lucknow.

Bars and Lounges

In addition there are many other restaurants, bars and lounges which have been opened up in the city in the past few years which have shifted from the traditional life to the modern life like the metro cities. Some of the popular bars and lounges in the city are Blue, Zero degree, Mirage and many more. There also you can enjoy the taste of Lucknowi cuisines in the modern atmosphere.

Search Restaurants Online

For more restaurants in the city you can take help from Zomato which helps you in locating the best restaurants in the city. When you use coupons for Swiggy you get discounts and combo offers on the meals. By using this website, you can also get the rating of the restaurants and check their minimum rates.

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